The poor and the rich coexist, choose your side.

If you have lived in areas like Kamokya in Kampala Uganda or Kimihurura in Kigali Rwanda, you must have noticed that there are both high end rich neighborhoods and very poor neighborhoods mostly separated by a road where on one side of the road people are very poor, and on the other side people are very rich. For example Kamokya is home to both the Acacia Mall and some of the worst structures in Kampala on the Ghetto side.

These two categories of people classified by their bank accounts and assets practically live together and receive the same weather conditions, except; one buys from another, works for another, and complains about another his whole life.

The objective of the guys on the rough side should be to cross over to the smooth side, and this starts mentally and internally. Bobi Wine of Uganda did it, you can do it too.

They call me Jimmy Ruva.



The grandfathers of all major religions once came in sync with our ancestors and deemed the act of being lazy a sin. Laziness or just the act being unwilling to do work or a task at hand is unattractive and no one likes lazy people. There is also a saying that, the act of being idle is the beginning of all immoral acts including poverty. But what if laziness is actually good? I call it resting before getting tired. That’s what we seek to find out today.

A lot of traditional companies still have the predetermined leave days in a year, which in most cases don’t exceed twenty days spread throughout the year. But what if people are given unlimited number of leave days and their productivity is checked as the determining factor. This sounds crazy and can’t be approved in many organizations, but c’mon, we now live in the modern age days where I can be in Kigali Rwanda and work for a company in Kampala Uganda. With all these technologies at our hands we longer need people glue at their desks every working day. I read an article somewhere that most of the Silicon Valley companies give unlimited leave days to their employees, and yet they still top the Forbes list.

I am not trying to encourage laziness here; I am only saying what if people used their free times more productively? May be we would be better off. Most commercial banks don’t have branch accountants now days may be because they have realized that, they can have a few accountants at the head office who with the aid of technology can control all accounts. Companies aside, today I am majorly seeing how an individual can make the best of free time.

Here is what I think an individual can do in the lazy hours:                                                                                         

  • Create websites. The world has become a small village with the aid of technology and everyone seems be living online. Companies have websites, churches and mosques have websites, charity organizations have websites, and even individuals have websites now. The best gift one can give him/herself is learning how to code and selling that free time skill. Technology further made this very easy; you no longer need to code from scratch, you can buy web themes online at cheap prices and add in a few codes and modifications, and you are in business. This way you make money while resting, other than browsing endlessly through people’s websites.
  • Write books or articles. Writing is fun and sexy, and it’s the in-thing now. There are thousands of written materials out there; I get that, but how about you adding your name to the list. Every website nowadays comes with a blog plug in or link, and organizations plus the successful individuals with websites want people who can write for them at a friendly price. That person could be you. But the only way they will ever get a hold on you is when you are already in the business. So my brothers and sisters turn off the mobile data key right now and use your phone to write a book or an article. I am using my phone to write this.
  • Take pictures. Instead of filling our news feed on social media with meaningless selfies, take pictures of the surroundings. Europeans and Americans save their hard earned money for years just to come and see the beauties of Africa. How about if you were picturing these nice environments and selling it to them instead. Don’t ask me, who will buy pictures online? Amazon sells books online and people thought that was impossible before. Getty image sells pictures online and the company is very successful. By doing this, you will also directly give back to your country through promoting tourism. May be now you know why I am rarely online even when my data bundle is full. I just don’t lazy around during free time, I create instead.
  • Produce audios or music. Instead of watching comedies for five hours nonstop, create your own comedy. Who knows! You might be the next big comedian in the country. Many of us loved music during our adolescent years or still do. Instead of singing alone in the kitchen as you cook, why not record yourself singing and upload it online. This could be the breakthrough you have been praying and fasting for for years without end. It’s becoming a sickness how good people are at forwarding audios done by other people but not creating one themselves when you got all the knowledge and materials needed to start. Start my brother, that hot babe you are crushing on will never say yes to you when you are still poor.
  • Create videos and TV shows. I receive countless numbers of videos on my whatsapp from contacts and the different groups. The unfortunate thing is; there is hardly a video done by the person forwarding or sending me the different videos. When will people realize that your own material carries more weight even if no one watches it? At least you get the satisfaction needed to propel your self-esteem which is a key component of every creator. You will never make it big if you continue to doubt yourself. This is not only for motivational speakers, but everyone who wants to make it big. If you want to be an actor, don’t waste your time waiting for auditions. Audition yourself by recording and sharing a video online. That’s what the range rover girl did and she became famous in seconds.
  • Develop video games. We all have some brothers or children who are addicted to video games but have never developed one of their own. It’s high time we tell them pointblank that we are more interested in buying their own developed video games than buying something from another developer overseas. Why have players instead of creators in your home. The economy is really tough and we all need help, but only creators can give that help because players are just consumers.

Thanks for reading, I am Jimmy Ruva. We don’t need more hours a day, the 24 we got is enough. Feel free to your leave comments.




Recently Twitter and Instagram were flooded with the hastag Melanin as a lot beautiful chocolate and dark chocolate girls from both the indigenous Africans and black Americans showed love for the expensive skin colour. The wave slept passed Europe too. A lot of black girls from or residing in European countries showed love for the rich African skin texture. Today however we won’t be sharing selfies, but rather discuss jobs or businesses that perfectly fit the rich melanin. Even the sun is afraid of the melanin, and this makes the melanin truly expensive and special.
There is a lot of science and biology explaining the rich melanin texture and why our white friends lack it or have just a small fraction, but we won’t be going into that today as I am not a biologist; though I’m highly attracted to ladies in the sciences field. I have a few lady friends who are leading the STEM revolution. So let just shoot straight to the jobs that make the perfect fit for Melanin.
1. Prime time news anchors. Most of us the educated are addicted to watching news. If you’re able to read this, then you are educated. You don’t necessarily need to have a PhD to be called educated. Back to the point, we all like female news anchors like Rukh Shana Namuyimba , Flavia Tumusiime, Mrs. Ben Mwine ; Rachael Arinaitwe Mwine , and others. What these women share in general is the rich melanin skin texture, and we love them that way. I even sometimes forego watching football just to catch the news.
2. Corporate MCs. The chocolate girls run this industry. If you’re the kind who attends events a lot like I do, you probably have noticed this too. By corporate I mean formal events and conferences or forums, or conventions. The kinds Kigali city is being known for. Melanin always looks great on that stage or podium, and when she talks; she commands a lot of respect and admiration. The make me feel special every woman yearns for.
3. Actresses. Sometimes I watch African Americans’ movies just because I have some special liking for a few actresses like Regina Hall and Taraji P Henson. This special liking is more to the chocolate colour than personality. I also enjoy a lot South African movies and TV series simply because they always got some melanin in them. Our own Hellen Lukoma also rocks TV with her melanin color, and I must confess that I always watch The Honourables.
4. Influencers. Managers of big companies know how important it is to have an influencer on board while marketing a product vital to the company’s life or trying to cement a brand in a given niche market. Melanin prospers here too. Having an influencer with the chocolate colour and a natural black beauty guarantees sales most times. Imagine Bobi Wine’s wife being the influencer of a local product, the chances are high I will buy even when I don’t need the product.
5. Chief Executive Officers. We now live in a world that is highly competitive, and this calls for hybrid brains. The melanin got this too. A lot of the socio-entrepreneurship and start-up companies around are being headed by these chocolate royals. Sometimes I apply for jobs with these companies not because I want the job, but because I want to be close to these melanins. The Next Einstein Forum (NEF) which has been going on here in Kigali Rwanda brought a lot of these sisters, I was like mehn; this must be paradise. I think even the angels got the melanin.
6. Cheerleaders. If you happen to be a great fun of the Uganda cranes like me, and always go to Namboole stadium for the cranes’ matches; you must have spotted the Airtel girls. I mean the cheerleaders in red and white half tops and skimpy skirts. And most of them are chocolate by the way. I have a feeling these girls influence my ticket purchases more than watching the matches. I will have to dig deep inside to find out the real motivator later, but for now let’s carry no.
7. Athletes. In case you follow the Olympics, you will agree that the chocolate Jamaican and American sprinters always keep us glue to the TV. Why would I keep the Olympics channel on when I am well aware of Usain Bolt’s races time? I’ve been a follower of the Olympics majorly because of Usain Bolt and I got to discover more and liked the event as a whole. Now that my hero Bolt has retired, I will follow the melanin girls then. You will also agree with me that our Uganda she cranes and the lady rugby cranes are full of hot melanins.
8. First ladies. I am not a full time politician but I follow the happenings in this crucial area a lot. You can’t do business or live peaceful in a country without understanding its politics. Some of the wives to the political heads are perfect. In looks, brains, humility, and sense of humor. The first ones to come to my mind are: Michele Obama, Janet Museveni, and Jeannette Kagame. The position is best rocked by the chocolate and dark chocolates. I must work extra hard and make my melanin also a first lady, I mean an actual first lady someday.
9. Baristas. Ever since I stopped drinking alcohol, I developed an unusual love for African tea and coffee. This takes me to the coffee shops a lot. But of late I am thinking it is not only the coffee I like, but the melanins serving it as well. I don’t have reasons to back this yet, but c’mon we have all been to the coffee shops and the best baristas are the girls taking the same colour like the coffee.
10. Models. Most of the celebrated female models in Africa come in the chocolate or dark chocolate form. I don’t know much about their industry, except I love seeing these beauties rock the runway. I think I should find out more about the Kigali fashion week and attend this year.
This has been Jimmy Ruva writing for the love of chocolate and dark chocolate. Thanks for reading, and please add to the list the ones I don’t know.

Go Electronic or Shut Down.

The twenty first century has really been a good time to live that I always consider living a long and happy life a priority. A lot of great stuffs come up every day which makes me to strongly disagree with people who say life is short. Literally everything is online now. I don’t necessarily have to go to the market to get vegetables. There are online groceries that will be at my service immediately I place an order. It’s no longer a burden to have a wife who can’t cook. I mean, you can order for food online with Jumia and get served some of the best delicacies from varieties of restaurants chosen by you. This means now is really a great time to be alive, but the future belongs to those who are looking at everything happening the opportunist way.
Yesterday almost all the heads of African states were gathered here in Kigali Rwanda to create a free continental trade zone for Africa that will allow the Africans to trade freely without the current border hindrance. This is something similar to the European Union though not that far because we won’t have a uniform currency like the Euro. However, this new free continental trade agreement signed yesterday will allow us to move and trade more freely, but still the guys who are taking up online trade and businesses will benefit even the more. The thing is; automation is the new world, and you got to dance with it if you badly want to succeed.
The fascinating thing about electronic or online way of doing thing is that it applies to all areas of life. Most people in the traditional employment organs like the civil service are slow or reluctant to implementing electronic systems and networks in doing their everyday businesses, yet time is also slowly catching up with them. And it is always very unfortunate for an adult with a lot of responsibilities to wake up one day and you don’t have a job. Here in Rwanda, there is a government services payment/access system call Irembo which has brought government services very near to even the least of the citizens, but some jobs were lost too along the line.
Education has of late become one of the most lucrative businesses in Africa; I mean investing in Schools, Universities, and Institutions. These were predominantly governments’ services, but a lot of individuals are investing in the area and it seems to be paying of well. At least from what we can see. The challenge and opportunity is that, most of these institutions still operate or teach traditionally. I mean physical classroom, teacher, and students converged together. This method however is slow and expensive in a long term. The smart institutions therefore, can take advantage of online platforms like Google classroom and others whose App versions can be downloaded on mobile phones as well. This way the students will be engaged more and better future leaders trained, than having university graduates who can’t create an excel spreadsheet.
Most African capitals have a problem of traffic jam. Nairobi and Kampala are famous in this area, yet this can be a big hindrance to our sisters who like shopping. How about shopping online! Though we the Africans are slowly picking this one up, we really like being seen in shopping malls and this boasts our egos somehow. We also need to get used to electronic shopping. It’s the new way of doing things. Some of the African online shopping centers like Jumia may not be so profitable yet, but that should not scare us off the online shopping business. It’s really picking up, and it’s the future. Kigali is picking up well, may be because people tend to be lazy here and most have some high sense of entitlement.
How about the singles! I mean, you can get a partner online. There are thousands of online dating sites out there and you just have to find a perfect one that aligns with your reasoning and characters. Morally this may sound bad, but I’ve seen educated and successful people who got married with partners they found online, specifically; dating sites. There used to be a girl on NTV Uganda who did health reporting sometime back. That girl married a Whiteman, and in some article I read; she said they met online- according to the article. Personally if I like a girl so much, the best place to know who she really is, her reasoning, and understanding, is online by looking at her online activities likes posts, likes, comments, and the contents she engages in.
Most of us cannot go for a day without some entertainment to our heads, and if you are in the business of entertaining people; you got to go online. Two Ugandan comedians Teacher Mpamire and Ann Kansiime are very popular in Rwanda simply because of their YouTube and whatsapp videos. I know a lot people who buy internet bundles here just to watch these guys’ videos. This however goes beyond entertainment only. Motivation and hope based businesses like Goal Cast is prospering majorly because of their online videos that motivates and inspires a lot of people creating the hunger to watch them over and over again. If you want to make some videos of yourself for marketing or a business video, get in touch with Mr. Jaluum Herberts Luwizza of THE YOUNG TREPS. They have a sister company call PANDA which does really nice videos.
Lastly, if it wasn’t for the internet, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Just imagine I had written this on a paper magazine or the traditional newspapers. The chances of you reading this would be somewhere close to 0%. This therefore means; you should either go electronic or just shut down because time will still shut you down as we continue making discoveries. This applies in every other thing including business, preaching (yeah, the world’s most famous preachers are those who focus more on electronic contents), and of course commuting. We have all taken rides with Uber, isn’t it?
Thanks for reading. I am Jimmy Ruva, and feel free to leave your comments.





To Cesar what belongs to Cesar!

The most desirable thing on earth for any fully grown up man is being a law abiding citizen. This means paying taxes to keep the country running. When a man pays his taxes in full, he feels good about it and this wonderful feeling directly affects how he does the rest of his things. Back in the days before some of us were born or when we were just little, there was graduated tax in Uganda. This kind of tax was collected door to door, and household to household and irresponsible men of that time had it rough. Most had to flee their homes when the tax authorities where moving around.

We really must pay taxes if we want to see progress in our countries. Personally, I’ve experienced the best of the pride moments of being a man when I was paying in taxes. I mean the direct taxes. The likes of VAT are most times painless to most individuals except a few who know how to do the calculations, and the bigger the pain; the better you feel. Paying in taxes is painful, but it also makes you feel good. So one of the ways to feel better is by paying taxes; that is being a law abiding citizen. And this goes as well for the government services fees like paying for driving permit or passport; I can clearly remember the endless smiles I gave to the young pretty lady teller at Diamond Trust Bank Uganda when I was paying for my driving permit.

Now to do the needful and be a law abiding citizen, you got to have a Tax Identification Number (TIN). This is the recognition number used by the Tax Authority to identify your transactions. It is required for both businesses and personal use, for example; people who earn salaries need TIN numbers to remit their PAYE. Without a TIN in most cases, your employer cheats you by deducting your PAYE from your gross pay but doesn’t submit it to the tax body since you yourself doesn’t have a TIN.  Now in this case your employer cheats both you and the country with your indirect aid. And for the business sector, it is a MUST to have a TIN. Personally, I don’t buy from businesses which don’t have TIN numbers because it means they don’t pay taxes.

For the guys thinking entrepreneurship and business or you already have a startup business operating unregistered, check out THE YOUNG TREPS. They offer services in business advisory, business registration and documentations, web design and online brand management, tax filling and accounting services, plus company management among others. You can check their website for more information and their contacts. They are the best in the game.

Any country that is progressing very well towards desired goals has a proper and working tax system. Rwanda happens to be making good positive moves economically and the strict tax laws and system here makes it possible to give the citizens what they not only need, but also what they want.  A lot of my friends here say they cannot go into business simply because of the strict tax laws and proper system of collection, but one got to give what belongs to Cesar to Cesar. This has somehow become an advantage for me; I mean a lot of guys don’t want to do business because they fear the taxes, but every successful businessman knows that it is the consumers who really pay taxes. Businesses always transfer taxes on the final consumer. Only that, the percentage looks so small that most consumers don’t notice it.

Here are my thoughts on why we should give Cesar what belongs to him:

  • National security. In my country of origin; Uganda, security of the nationals has become a very worrying issue. I am now even being forced to pray more for my brothers and sisters in Uganda than pray for myself. A lot of women have been murdered and people’s properties stolen. Of late it has become a curse to be okay in Uganda. When you’re okay in that country, you become a target to the bad guys who the Uganda Police can’t stop because the force lacks logistics and intelligence to combat some of these criminal acts. And this points to lack of funding. The force might be very corrupt; but the more funding they lack the more corrupt they will be, – according to me. Let’s pay in our taxes, so these guys are okay and they may take care of our lives better.
  • Social services provision. The health sector in my motherland once again is very wanting that we the citizens are always approached to raise money for our fellow comrades seeking critical medical attention. The country cannot treat its own citizens because it is generally broke. Uganda mostly survives on hands outs from other countries and loans from the World Bank and the IMF that continuously keep adding salt to the injury. In 2015 I stayed by my mother’s side while she was undergoing treatment at the Uganda Heart Institute at Mulago Hospital and I can tell you, the bills, for just a few days was huge. I wonder how patients with minimal financial means and people to stand by their sides survive there. This should be a motivation for us to work harder so that we can finance our country through paying taxes and our country will be in position to treat and cure us. For the corrupt fellas, we will deal with them harshly.

There is one special group we have in Uganda that needs the restoration of the firing squad; the tax evaders.  It’s a common thing to see very big guys crushing big vehicles of the latest models but donning older number plates which were released before the models of cars they are driving. It hurts a lot to some of us who are trying to make a difference, but like Jesus said, “Give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar, and to God what belongs to God”.   

This has been a Jimmy Ruva creation, thanks for reading and feel free to contribute your views in the comments box below.










One popular Ugandan artist calls himself big is big; I am not sure what he means by that, but our today’s Big means multiple. Multiple in terms of ideas, works, arts, discoveries, businesses, jobs, or just multiple in a general way of doing things. It is a common phenomenon now days to see people with multiple titles, which to me is a very good thing if they are truly the titles they call themselves. We all admire those guys who are good at several things, don’t we! One guy I truly admired while growing up was Dr Mich; the celebrated MC from Uganda, I even looked up to him more when I got to know that he was a veterinary doctor professionally.

However, this article is majorly about having multiple ideas or inventing multiple projects. They always say there’s power in numbers, and today I bring my own judgment on that saying. My thought is that multiple or big is better; in that a lot of the ideas or discoveries we make as human beings don’t take off. Some of the world’s celebrated scientist and artists are known for failing multiple times before hitting the Jack pot, but I think they didn’t fail that much like we conceive it because most of these people were trying different things; most of which didn’t take off, but a few did and the few or just one made them popular.

When the world talks of a guy like Thomas Edison, we are told he failed a thousand times before inventing the light bulb, but what we are not told is that he invented several other things that never took off. What I mean is that, Mr. Thomas Edison tried several ideas and made several inventions (most of which are not known to the world) but the light bulb and a few others made him popular. Let’s have a look at the Coke Cola company; it has so many drinks or products to its name but only Coke is realistically known by almost everyone in the world.

If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur the best way to compete is by having very many inventions or products because not all will sell. Just a few do sell in real life. A popular Ugandan musician passed on a month ago and the guy was celebrated like a King. What made him that popular was the fact that he had very many music to his name. He not only sang them himself, but there are countless others he wrote for other musicians and the lyrics were hit songs. So to be a king it all goes down to coming up with several works or ideas because not all will take off, but a few or just one will do, and you will be crowned a King.

Of late originality in art is being given utmost respect, admiration, and attention, but the truly original work is produced by those who invent different things over and over again. I happen to be a part of an organization call “THE YOUNG TREPS”, which is very popular in East Africa and is steadily gaining popularity in the Asian countries and the rest of Africa. What most people don’t know is that, the founders of The Young Treps also gave birth to sister organizations like Flash Point, Shopping Basket, Panda, and the Campus Doctor among others. Not all these different companies did take off like expected, some did, and some are doing. And from a personal experience, I think its suicide to have just one idea or discovery, but a long life to have multiple or big ideas. And listed below are what one can do to get to that point.

  • Study or learn every day.
  • Invent something new every day.
  • Be consistent every day.
  • Pay attention to feedback from your audience or consumers. This is the foundation of creativity.
  • Never be untouchable just once, but do it every day and make it a habit.
  • Keep an eye on your neighbor (Competitor)
  • Don’t compete on the same grounds with others, instead create a new one.

When you at look successful companies like Nile breweries limited in Uganda, you will find that it’s not because they have the best alcoholic beverages but because they have a huge volume of different drinks, which make them successful. When the individual beverages are financially audited, chances are high that some could be making loses or operating below expected revenue targets, but because the company has a high magnitude of products, the ones selling cover for the less profitable ones, after all in huge manufacturing facilities there are always some fix costs like rent or land, thus giving good financial reasons for the less sellable products to stay in the production line.

The act of having several ideas or inventions is particularly a must for anyone or business that wants to go big or global. The simple act of buying a frying pan, cooking oil, baking floor, and charcoal stove and calling it a business should be left to the chapatti and Rolex boys. And these boys actually cheat the country because they operate unregistered and don’t pay direct taxes except for a few Municipal licenses. So to be part of the Big is Better family you got to have several ideas put into actions. Let me tell you about one business group which does that here in Rwanda and how successful it is in the next paragraph.

There’s a business group in Rwanda called Crystal Venture Limited, this business has to its name Inyange Company Ltd, NPD construction, ISCO security and Logistics company Ltd, and others. Crystal Venture limited has about ten of the most successful companies in Rwanda that I know and they themselves are customers to each other. For example Inyange supplies water, milk, and juice drinks to all the other companies, which alone provides a good percentage of Inyange’s market.  And the NPD construction takes on all the construction works of the others, while the logistics firm is charged with all their transportation and logistics needs. In other words, the different businesses are customers to each other before even stepping out to the rest of the market.

So Big or Multiple is Better. This has been a Jimmy Ruva invention, thank you for reading and feel free to leave comments.


The New

When we welcomed 2018 about two months ago on the New Year’s Eve, I sat down like everyone else and wrote plans for 2018. Normally most people come with a long to do list of their intentions in what they call “new year’s resolutions “. Mine is always short and brief, or we can just call it a theme for the year. Therefore, I labeled “2018 – My year of Jubilee and great Restoration”. Jubilation in a sense that I will do a lot of things I’ve never done before and achieve great results I’ve never achieved before. To hit my targets, I first thought of restoring myself. By restoring I mean; I searched deep down within me and took notes of the things I wanted to do as a child. You know those weird childhood dreams of like wanting to be like Superman. And by the way, so many of them are coming true now days; we even have a black superhero movie called the Black Panther.

To put a general observation of the current state of the world we are living in, there are a lot of new coming to play. Not so long ago, we watched a businessman in the name of Donald Trump become US President; something which is out of the ordinary. It used to be an all experienced politicians’ affair. We have seen China rising as the new world super power in terms of national economy and GDP. We have witnessed Rwanda a very small country in the middle of nowhere and former massacre grounds rise as a continental icon in Africa in terms of technology, good governance, peace, and security. All these new events call for doing something out of the usual. In short it is business unusual, and my 2018 is the time for just that.

Recently I added how long I’ve been on earth planet when I celebrated my birthday on 25th February and that clearly meant it is show time. There are couples of things I’ve got involved in since this year began and countless others lined up all to be accomplished this great year of Jubilee and Restoration. I will hence talk about some of these things I am undertaking in this writing hoping you the reader will find something to stir the flame that has been lying idle within yourself. Listed below are some of the things I’m calling the New me:

  1. Acting. I’ve never been an actor before, but I’ve always had this unique passion or should I call it feeling for being in the block busters. I’ve always admired actors and actresses, watched lots of movies from detective, comedy, actions, love stories, chick flicks, fairy tales, adventure, documentary, to mention but a few. I even watch news while admiring the news readers and reporters imagining myself in their shoes. I think I should be famous, I must be famous, and I will be famous. Therefore I took the initiative and joined a small group of organized actors early this month, hoping this will be my stepping stone to people’s living rooms, theaters, cinemas, laptops, and of course mobile phones and whatsapp groups.
  2. Swimming. I discovered that to be a great actor one needs to maintain a good body shape, so I joined some swimming class. I used to swim as a kid but that was child’s play in some muddy water. I can of course swim in lakes and rivers for fun, and I do go to the beach sometimes, but swimming in the swimming pool is way different from that. It takes training, hard work, and some good mental strength. It’s like running in the desert or playing beach soccer which looks easy and cool from the outside until you get to do it yourself. It’s tough but I’m pushing through, and more so it’s not an everyday thing, but a once in a week game for now since I also got plenty of other stuffs I do on a daily.
  3. Public speaking. In Rwanda people are generally laid back and stepping up to air out views is not there thing especially when the conversation is in a foreign language. This has been a huge opportunity for me and I get to talk at about all public gatherings that I attend. The people here however love asking for views from different people. I always watch the President here do that during his address. It’s not like the Ugandan thing where the big man talks for an hour and we just listen. His counterpart here likes to engage his audience and that’s how public gatherings are done in this country. So when the occasion I’m attending is in English, I always get to talk publically and this is helping a lot with building my personal confidence. It has been a good ride so far and a friend who runs a public speaking program or school has noticed me; he wants me on his team.
  4. Playing musical instruments. As a kid I used to play the drums a lot, at school and church. Somehow I am friends with the guy in charge of instruments at our church now and I always get the time to learn a few musical notes here and there. By the way, I had music as a subject in my senior one and two school, and apparently it was my best done subject. I still remember the F and G clef somehow. This is not something I am doing seriously, it’s just a pass time thing when I arrive so early for service at church, but I’m loving it and considering taking playing the drums seriously. However, I will need to create time for that.
  5. Adventure and travelling. Ever since I moved to Rwanda a year ago, I’ve only been concentrating on knowing the City of Kigali, but this year round I’ve planned and is putting aside some good financial resources for travelling alone. I need to know the entire Rwanda by the end of this year. And this also goes to travelling outside Rwanda. I have realized that travelling and exploring different things is way more knowledgeable than sitting in a classroom or reading magazines. Adventure and travel is a real life experience, and it doesn’t need a very big budget. All you need is a few like-minded friends and you’re off to explore the world.

This has been Jimmy Ruva writing, and you’re free to leave comments. Thanks for reading.