The grandfathers of all major religions once came in sync with our ancestors and deemed the act of being lazy a sin. Laziness or just the act being unwilling to do work or a task at hand is unattractive and no one likes lazy people. There is also a saying that, the act of being idle is the beginning of all immoral acts including poverty. But what if laziness is actually good? I call it resting before getting tired. That’s what we seek to find out today.

A lot of traditional companies still have the predetermined leave days in a year, which in most cases don’t exceed twenty days spread throughout the year. But what if people are given unlimited number of leave days and their productivity is checked as the determining factor. This sounds crazy and can’t be approved in many organizations, but c’mon, we now live in the modern age days where I can be in Kigali Rwanda and work for a company in Kampala Uganda. With all these technologies at our hands we longer need people glue at their desks every working day. I read an article somewhere that most of the Silicon Valley companies give unlimited leave days to their employees, and yet they still top the Forbes list.

I am not trying to encourage laziness here; I am only saying what if people used their free times more productively? May be we would be better off. Most commercial banks don’t have branch accountants now days may be because they have realized that, they can have a few accountants at the head office who with the aid of technology can control all accounts. Companies aside, today I am majorly seeing how an individual can make the best of free time.

Here is what I think an individual can do in the lazy hours:                                                                                         

  • Create websites. The world has become a small village with the aid of technology and everyone seems be living online. Companies have websites, churches and mosques have websites, charity organizations have websites, and even individuals have websites now. The best gift one can give him/herself is learning how to code and selling that free time skill. Technology further made this very easy; you no longer need to code from scratch, you can buy web themes online at cheap prices and add in a few codes and modifications, and you are in business. This way you make money while resting, other than browsing endlessly through people’s websites.
  • Write books or articles. Writing is fun and sexy, and it’s the in-thing now. There are thousands of written materials out there; I get that, but how about you adding your name to the list. Every website nowadays comes with a blog plug in or link, and organizations plus the successful individuals with websites want people who can write for them at a friendly price. That person could be you. But the only way they will ever get a hold on you is when you are already in the business. So my brothers and sisters turn off the mobile data key right now and use your phone to write a book or an article. I am using my phone to write this.
  • Take pictures. Instead of filling our news feed on social media with meaningless selfies, take pictures of the surroundings. Europeans and Americans save their hard earned money for years just to come and see the beauties of Africa. How about if you were picturing these nice environments and selling it to them instead. Don’t ask me, who will buy pictures online? Amazon sells books online and people thought that was impossible before. Getty image sells pictures online and the company is very successful. By doing this, you will also directly give back to your country through promoting tourism. May be now you know why I am rarely online even when my data bundle is full. I just don’t lazy around during free time, I create instead.
  • Produce audios or music. Instead of watching comedies for five hours nonstop, create your own comedy. Who knows! You might be the next big comedian in the country. Many of us loved music during our adolescent years or still do. Instead of singing alone in the kitchen as you cook, why not record yourself singing and upload it online. This could be the breakthrough you have been praying and fasting for for years without end. It’s becoming a sickness how good people are at forwarding audios done by other people but not creating one themselves when you got all the knowledge and materials needed to start. Start my brother, that hot babe you are crushing on will never say yes to you when you are still poor.
  • Create videos and TV shows. I receive countless numbers of videos on my whatsapp from contacts and the different groups. The unfortunate thing is; there is hardly a video done by the person forwarding or sending me the different videos. When will people realize that your own material carries more weight even if no one watches it? At least you get the satisfaction needed to propel your self-esteem which is a key component of every creator. You will never make it big if you continue to doubt yourself. This is not only for motivational speakers, but everyone who wants to make it big. If you want to be an actor, don’t waste your time waiting for auditions. Audition yourself by recording and sharing a video online. That’s what the range rover girl did and she became famous in seconds.
  • Develop video games. We all have some brothers or children who are addicted to video games but have never developed one of their own. It’s high time we tell them pointblank that we are more interested in buying their own developed video games than buying something from another developer overseas. Why have players instead of creators in your home. The economy is really tough and we all need help, but only creators can give that help because players are just consumers.

Thanks for reading, I am Jimmy Ruva. We don’t need more hours a day, the 24 we got is enough. Feel free to your leave comments.