One popular Ugandan artist calls himself big is big; I am not sure what he means by that, but our today’s Big means multiple. Multiple in terms of ideas, works, arts, discoveries, businesses, jobs, or just multiple in a general way of doing things. It is a common phenomenon now days to see people with multiple titles, which to me is a very good thing if they are truly the titles they call themselves. We all admire those guys who are good at several things, don’t we! One guy I truly admired while growing up was Dr Mich; the celebrated MC from Uganda, I even looked up to him more when I got to know that he was a veterinary doctor professionally.

However, this article is majorly about having multiple ideas or inventing multiple projects. They always say there’s power in numbers, and today I bring my own judgment on that saying. My thought is that multiple or big is better; in that a lot of the ideas or discoveries we make as human beings don’t take off. Some of the world’s celebrated scientist and artists are known for failing multiple times before hitting the Jack pot, but I think they didn’t fail that much like we conceive it because most of these people were trying different things; most of which didn’t take off, but a few did and the few or just one made them popular.

When the world talks of a guy like Thomas Edison, we are told he failed a thousand times before inventing the light bulb, but what we are not told is that he invented several other things that never took off. What I mean is that, Mr. Thomas Edison tried several ideas and made several inventions (most of which are not known to the world) but the light bulb and a few others made him popular. Let’s have a look at the Coke Cola company; it has so many drinks or products to its name but only Coke is realistically known by almost everyone in the world.

If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur the best way to compete is by having very many inventions or products because not all will sell. Just a few do sell in real life. A popular Ugandan musician passed on a month ago and the guy was celebrated like a King. What made him that popular was the fact that he had very many music to his name. He not only sang them himself, but there are countless others he wrote for other musicians and the lyrics were hit songs. So to be a king it all goes down to coming up with several works or ideas because not all will take off, but a few or just one will do, and you will be crowned a King.

Of late originality in art is being given utmost respect, admiration, and attention, but the truly original work is produced by those who invent different things over and over again. I happen to be a part of an organization call “THE YOUNG TREPS”, which is very popular in East Africa and is steadily gaining popularity in the Asian countries and the rest of Africa. What most people don’t know is that, the founders of The Young Treps also gave birth to sister organizations like Flash Point, Shopping Basket, Panda, and the Campus Doctor among others. Not all these different companies did take off like expected, some did, and some are doing. And from a personal experience, I think its suicide to have just one idea or discovery, but a long life to have multiple or big ideas. And listed below are what one can do to get to that point.

  • Study or learn every day.
  • Invent something new every day.
  • Be consistent every day.
  • Pay attention to feedback from your audience or consumers. This is the foundation of creativity.
  • Never be untouchable just once, but do it every day and make it a habit.
  • Keep an eye on your neighbor (Competitor)
  • Don’t compete on the same grounds with others, instead create a new one.

When you at look successful companies like Nile breweries limited in Uganda, you will find that it’s not because they have the best alcoholic beverages but because they have a huge volume of different drinks, which make them successful. When the individual beverages are financially audited, chances are high that some could be making loses or operating below expected revenue targets, but because the company has a high magnitude of products, the ones selling cover for the less profitable ones, after all in huge manufacturing facilities there are always some fix costs like rent or land, thus giving good financial reasons for the less sellable products to stay in the production line.

The act of having several ideas or inventions is particularly a must for anyone or business that wants to go big or global. The simple act of buying a frying pan, cooking oil, baking floor, and charcoal stove and calling it a business should be left to the chapatti and Rolex boys. And these boys actually cheat the country because they operate unregistered and don’t pay direct taxes except for a few Municipal licenses. So to be part of the Big is Better family you got to have several ideas put into actions. Let me tell you about one business group which does that here in Rwanda and how successful it is in the next paragraph.

There’s a business group in Rwanda called Crystal Venture Limited, this business has to its name Inyange Company Ltd, NPD construction, ISCO security and Logistics company Ltd, and others. Crystal Venture limited has about ten of the most successful companies in Rwanda that I know and they themselves are customers to each other. For example Inyange supplies water, milk, and juice drinks to all the other companies, which alone provides a good percentage of Inyange’s market.  And the NPD construction takes on all the construction works of the others, while the logistics firm is charged with all their transportation and logistics needs. In other words, the different businesses are customers to each other before even stepping out to the rest of the market.

So Big or Multiple is Better. This has been a Jimmy Ruva invention, thank you for reading and feel free to leave comments.



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