The Most Expensive Service Today.

Marketing it is. Everyone, every business, institutions, schools, governments, and organizations wants to grow. And to do that, you need marketing. Marketing is the strongest force towards growth and development nowadays. It is no surprise that some big firms spend more money on marketing than production. Even a closer look at the marketing officers around will show that, they are paid and catered for more than every other department in most organizations.

This is so because marketing brings in more cash and everyone is focused on a long term existence. Producing quality products or services may be a priority but marketing is the key to the revenues every organization is most in need of. You can have a weak product or service in terms of quality, but if the marketing is on point, the cash inflows will always be high. A products’ or service’s quality can always be improved, but it is only marketing that will keep you long enough in the business to get the chance of improving your quality.

So the priority of every organization right now should be marketing. It has numerous benefits and some are discussed below;

  • Sales maximization. It is only through marketing that any firm can get the desired target of sales. Every organization engages in marketing to maximize sales. Banks do it, public speakers do it, supermarkets do it, and even governments are doing it. Check the list of the most striving economies, and you will find that it’s full of countries that market themselves highly. So the secret to sales maximization is marketing.
  • Profits maximization. Without making more money out of business there is no business. Every business objective is to maximize profits. It is easy to say or write this statement but very hard to achieve it in real life. Operating a business the makes maximum profits is just a dream for many and a reality for just a few. It takes a lot of courage and hard work to make a business harvest maximum profits. The first door to this, is always marketing. Businesses that market highly actually attract huge profits. And it’s not just about marketing anyhow, you have to do it right.
  • Stabilizes an economy. Marketing attract sales which leads to increase in the national income of a state and eventually promote economic growth. It also prompts people to spend which increases the population’s purchasing power which is a big motivator for any economic growth and development. The continuous selling and buying engineered by marketing causes a steady growth in the economy which leads to economic stabilization in a country.
  • Create uses. The utilization of a product or service is a major mission or purpose for most businesses, and the best way the community or target group can know about the available product or service is through marketing. Giving the information about a product or service, what most people call content marketing nowadays is a very good way to create a use for a product or service. It enables the population to gain free information and knowledge about a product which they put to show. And putting the knowledge to use demands a purchase from the service providers or producers, thus creating a use and a sale on the side of the producers.
  • Provides information. Content marketing as stated focuses on information. But also marketing entirely is about passing information from one party to another. These information may not necessarily be used in choosing whether to buy or not, but there are always of benefits to the general public for immediate or future use. Countries that advertise their tourism sector a lot may not receive so many tourists at the moment but will eventually pick up in the future as more tourists gain interest in visiting those particular countries due to the continuous information they get through marketing.
  • Improves standards of living. It is through the TV and radio adverts that sometimes we get to know about some specific products or services that improves our wellbeing. All products and services do advertise, from health to kitchen products. This provides us with the information that we use in making buying decisions. We get to know about products and services that improve our lifestyles and way of living, giving us the satisfaction we want and value for money back.
  • Gives a brand an identity. Brand identity is a very important aspect of a business in these changing times. Fakes are all over the market and competitors are everywhere. To prosper in the very competitive market, one or an organization must have a strong brand. It takes time to develop a strong brand and this is majorly achieved through endless marketing. You cannot just sleep in the current world. You have to be there, spreading the news about your products or services and that will get you a brand identity unique from the rest, and you will become invisible to your competitors.
  • Cheap and easy way of carrying research. If you are thinking of offering a new product or service in the market but worried about the cost of conducting marketing research, worry not. Use your marketing team to carry out the research as they go for their daily runs. These guys know the market and how it works better than any consultancy firm around. First, they will conduct the research at no or minimum cost because they’ll do it while going about their normal runs. They will also spend less time doing the research and yet come out with the best results for decision making. An added advantage will be that, they will consciously or unconsciously market the intended product or service at no cost, hence introducing the product or service on the market hence forth.
  • Direct interactions with customers. Marketing campaigns helps most firms get to their last consumer. This direct interaction with the consumer cements the love and trust a consumer has for a particular product or service leading into a niche market, and plays as a major source of information about competitors and their products to the business. It is this act of marketing that gives a product, service, and business a long term existence.

Bringing it all together:

Marketing is the most expensive service today. If you want to make money, then you should either be a marketer yourself or invest heavily in marketing.  It will always pay dividends as long as you keep everything else in order.

Stay smart always, and feel free to leave a comment.






The Best Protection For Your Woman.

It’s only one; work hard. How often do you see people playing around with a rich man’s wife? It barely happens or never happens at all. Do you imagine anyone touching Michelle Obama other than Mr. Barrack Obama himself? So it doesn’t happen. You just can’t play with a rich man’s wife.

I’ve seen men who become emotionally sick when they have to live far from their women simply because of insecurities. These kinds of men are mainly poor or average people with a lot missing in their lives. You cannot secure your woman when you yourself is not secured. The secret is simple; work hard and your woman will be secured. Some men even hire spies to spy on their women, but I say; you can use that same amount of money to do something meaningful that will give you security.

So working hard is the only way to secure and protect that descendant of Eve under your custody. And the fruits are sweet. It will even bring joy and lasting happiness in your life, and positively impact the society too.  When your woman is secured and protected, she becomes the happiest person in the world.

Here are a few things your woman will gain from the society;

  • Love. Everyone loves riches and when you’re rich; your woman is adored by the society. People will love her and value her, because she’s definitely valuable. They will shower her with all kinds of praises and give her the best names like Queen because that is what she deserves. She will have impact in the community and when she talks everybody listens to her and respects her views. All the love, blessings, and praises given to a woman are direct results of the works of her man. So men work hard to give your women that much love and value from society.
  • Respect. The society will respect your woman like the first lady because that is what she deserves. Through the different roles you as a rich man play in the community like donations and mentorships, people will give back in form of respect. This respect however, does not stop with you. It is extended to your woman because she’s the first lady. And she deserves all the respect because as a man you can’t do great things alone. The society believes that the woman standing next to you always has a great play in whatever you do, that’s why the saying, behind every successful man, there’s a woman.
  • Protection. They will protect your woman at no cost. In fact they do it willingly out of love. The trust they have for you is extended to your woman. When she falls sick and goes to a medical facility, she’s always given a VIP service at the regular rates. When she attends public events, the society always make sure she is safe. People will be willing to put their own lives in danger to protect hers without asking for anything. This is the trust you have earned from the community through your works manifesting through how they treat your woman.
  • Attention. Women love attention, and through your hard work she will get all the attention in this world as long as you don’t stop working hard. Everywhere she goes she will be noticed. People will love to see her around. She will receive invitations to all kinds of events including funerals. For every event she attends, chances are high she will be called to the podium and asked to give a speech even when she doesn’t feel like. All the attention in the world will be hers. So men; work hard.
  • Her works will be loved. If you have ever rolled out a new business then you know very well how it is difficult to get sales the first months. But that isn’t the case for your woman. Anything she rolls out will sell. People will love her works simply because the community trusts you. And this level of trust don’t just come by, it is earned. So you have to work hard. Your woman will enjoy what scholars call economies of scale in ways of easily and cheaply accessing labour, customers, business or development partners, corporations, unions and so forth.
  • She will be given a title. Other people are born with a sense of entitlement, which is bad but your woman will earn herself a title from the people. Through your works and her supports towards your works and her own, she will get a name of love and respect from the society. She will be called names like Mama and god-mother among others. We all know what it takes for someone to be called such names. Men it’s on you to give your women the adorable titles. Put in the works now.
  • She will become a public image. The community will put her to represent them in all gatherings and community performances. They will offer her top posts in their associations and organizations. They will even propose her for political positions. This is the trust you earn from the society through your works paying off without being asked. From what you have done as a man, they will expect your woman to do much more since by our nature, it is much easier to trust a woman than a man. And hence; she will become the face of the society, a privilege only a few can earn.
  • Good will. They will shower her with blessings and wish her well in all aspects of her life. She has done well to the community through your works and her motivations, and the community appreciates that. They will buy into whatever she says, support all her cause whether for-profit or not-for-profit , join her movements, and believe in her whole heartily, your reputation will be her stepping stone to greatness, and everything that a human can give to another will be given to her.

Men if your woman is your everything, then it is upon you to put in the work that will make her yours alone. If you can’t work hard then your woman will never have the security and protection she deserves. Don’t just pray and hope, act. Stay smart always, and you’re free to leave a comment in the box below.


Oh Uganda.

Being a Ugandan is a great thing, but it comes with a cost nowadays. It seems we have done so many things wrong that other people (especially our neighbors) perceive us badly. When I moved to Kigali in Rwanda, the first thing I heard about Uganda was “this must be Ugandans”. It was a cry of a woman who had just been conned of her money by some two unusual men. She runs a convenient store in the neighborhood and these two unusual men had walked away with her sales for that day in what I call theft by trick, the real Ugandan way if you have been to Kikumbu or down town Owino area, or even watched Brain Mulodo’s trick stars show on NTV.
Then came the Makerere University graduation week, it was trending on social media, so a friend (Rwandan) of mine asked? “Do these guys really graduate?” he went ahead and said, some two years ago he read on BBC Africa’s Facebook page that Makerere students forge their results to graduate. I answered; I don’t know, but it is a reality of what is happening at that great institution. The problem is, this has a huge cost on the innocent graduates who genuinely attain their degrees yet the world to recruit them for jobs has a negative feeling about them.
However, for the short while I’ve been in Rwanda, I’ve come to realize that they actually prefer foreigners working in their different professional fields to their own.
Here are a few things you might want to take note of;
They are not good with the Queen’s language. We Ugandans are the best in the command of spoken English language in the East African Community. And due to globalization, the English language seems to be the new trend. If you want to do business or work globally, then you got to have a strong command of the queen’s language. Rwandans on the other hand are lacking in spoken English, and that can be an icing to a Ugandan looking to set up here. Due to their fast growing economy, opportunities are in plenty and most of these opportunities call for fluency in English. So if you’re the guy with a good command of English language, make your way here.
They hate thinking. It seems their schools program them to cram. A typical Rwandan can cram an entire book including punctuations. These fellows can brainstorm but only in Kinyarwanda yet the world and the East African Community which they are happily taking over needs English or other foreign language. Don’t remind me about French, they hate that too, and only a few can make a sentence in French. So if you’re the guy who can freely brainstorm or think in English, you got business here.
They warmly welcome outsiders. I’ve ever heard their brilliant president say “welcome everyone and learn from them”. And they do just that. Rwanda is open to anyone and the security is so good, at least better than Uganda’s. You can even walk the entire city in the middle of the night carry a transparent briefcase fully packed with dollars, pounds, shillings, or Rwandan francs and not a single person will lay hands on you. The country and city of Kigali is a wonderful safe place. So you are freely allowed to move here, but know that they expect to learn a lot from you which is a good think because they will bring you business.
Public speaking is not their thing except in kinyarwanda. Are you in to public relations, or a public speaker? Then you got market here. Since foreign languages don’t rim well with most indigenous here, they tend to leave that work to Ugandans and Kenyans. No wonder most of their teachers from primary to universities are mostly foreigners, especially Ugandans, Kenyans and Nigerians. Even their uptown radio stations are shifting from the traditional kinyarwanda broadcast to English, and they seem to be lacking English presenters.
They are slow. Another person may call it lazy but I tend to call it being slow. These chaps take their time to do almost everything. Patience is a good virtue, but theirs isn’t patience. Chaps are generally slow and most times I wonder how they are developing so fast, then I realize that they have a good leader. Their president is a brilliant guy. So if you’re the guy with the eye of an eagle and an immediate doer, please move to Kigali.
Ladies give birth early. This might sound strange but true. Girls here give birth way so early compared to the Ugandan girls. You may meet a 25 year old lady who actually looks like a 12 year old when she actually has 3 kids. The thing is not that they love kids but lack information about sex and reproduction so they end up getting pregnant when they actually thought they were doing kids play. If you’re a professional in health, or a journalist who loves health related issues, or you’re putting up an investment in the health sector like the campus doctor, pay Kigali a visit.
One man or a few people are responsible for their fast growth. Rwanda is developing so fast, her tourism sector is booming and their national airliner RwandAir is going places. The country is even constructing a new international airport. Business is good, but all these prosperities are attributed to a few people or just one man; their brilliant president. This means there is still more room for great minds in this country, and the land of a thousand hills is always open to new people.
They value character and integrity. If you ever think of coming to Rwanda, first check your character and integrity. Here things are done inside-out. You first develop the inside, then the outside. For the lucky guys who are already equipped with good characters and outstanding integrity, you can come at will. You will not only manage but also prosper here.
I started this article crying for my beloved country Uganda, but then I realized we still have opportunities within and outside to turn things around. Stay smart, and feel free to leave a comment below.

Kampala Champions

When you talk African cities, Kampala is one that will never skip a mention. It is the city that doesn’t sleep. Day and night Kampala is active. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in Africa, with business and entrepreneurship as one of its core activities. For this article, let’s talk the business and entrepreneurship side of the pearl of Africa’s capital. It is a place very reach in entrepreneurship given that fact that several businesses are born every single day. They come in all types; small, big, formal, or informal.

I call the business men and women of Kampala the real entrepreneurs of Africa. These guys beat the odd of Uganda as a landlocked country could suffer international trade challenges and prosper. They are so creative and bestow amidst so many barriers both internally and in the economy in general.

Here are my heroes from Kampala;

  • Hawkers. These boys, girls, men and women come from all corners of Uganda. They do general trade and are involved in all kinds of petty businesses like selling Nsenene (grasshoppers), fruits, jewelries, shoes and clothes. You may think they belong to a corporation or a big company because they work day in day out.
  • Chapatti boys. They invented a delicious meal call “rolex”, not the watch, just ask for it and you will feel it. They are the best providers of fast food in the world. Just place an order and you’ll have your meal ready in less than a minute the way you want it. Rain or sunshine, the chapatti boys are on.
  • Brick layers. The city is expanding so fast and building materials are in high demand. Thank God the brick layers are available. They are in charge of housing in Kampala. They provide bricks throughout the year no matter the weather and a man can only fail to build because of shortage in his wallet.
  • Metal fabricators. These men and women are genius designers. They form all shapes and kinds of metal. Schools survive on them for beds. Chapatti boys need them for stoves, and restaurants need them for dining tables. Everyone in Uganda at least needs a metal product from big roller gates to small BBQ stoves, and the metal fabricators are the engineers in all these.
  • Rental owners. Majority of the city dwellers live in buzigo, and the middle class take up better apartments and estates in the nearby fast developing centers. These people provide ready customers for whoever builds a house for rent. Putting up structures for rent in Kampala not only give accommodation but also bring in cash.
  • Art and craft boys. If you have been to the American embassy in Uganda then you have seen them. And they are not only in Nsambya. They are all over Kampala and the work of beautifying people’s living room is their business. Some have even evolved and use modern day technology to ease their job, but whether hard or easy, one thing is certain; these guys get paid.
  • Print guys. I call them “the future millionaires” and Nasser road is their home. They deal in all kinds of paper work and documentations, from making brochures and flyers to publishing books. These guys defy all odds and make it, yet they operate in a very competitive environment. To them the sun rise means business, and yes they shoulder on every day.
  • Kampala escorts. These are modern day prostitutes who offer services beyond the old fashion prostitution. Their clientele mostly consist of visitors and corporate Ugandans who can afford their tax. Religion and culture may deem them as sinners, but here we are only talking business.
  • Travel agents. They have put it upon themselves to market Uganda. These guys know the entire corners of the country and sell our tourism industry to the entire world. We normally get great feedback from visitors in terms of hospitality because of the travel agents.
  • Night clubs. Kampala can best be described as “the city of sin”. Nights are active from Monday to Monday. The city never sleeps. No wonder neighbors from Rwanda flock Kampala every weekend to enjoy the beauty of African music, Nyama-choma, and the lovely welcoming Ugandan men and women.
  • Musicians. These fellows entertain us and our guests 365 days a year, January to January. They have the best voices in Africa and are the best in playing instruments like the big drums. They range from all sects; cultural, traditional, modern, and up-town.
  • Ad gurus. These guys make all kinds of events possible. They run advertisements in all forms from videos, billboards to banners. Even the government and international diplomatic bodies use them. Thinking of putting up an event in Kampala, or doing a documentary in Uganda. Worry not. These guys got you covered.
  • Tech gurus. They run the ICT world. Websites and software developments have been made easy by these Ugandans. They are now even exporting to the Far East and the entire African continent. You think of taking your business global. Think no further, my Kampala tech gurus got you covered. Just pay them a visit.
  • Boda Bodas. The fastest means of transport in Kampala is the boda boda ride. These guys know the entire city. If you really want to explore Kampala, just take a boda boda ride. The open air journey is also good for your mental and psychological health. Try these guys and you won’t regret because they offer value for many.
  • Taxis men. These offer the safest and most reliable means of transport in Kampala. They are on, Monday to Monday, day or night, because they never go to sleep. These guys run the transportation industry, and make a living from enabling people reach their destinations safe and sound.
  • Mechanics. Our population is big because of them. They make sure taxis and boda bodas are in good mechanical conditions. No wonder Kampala has very few cases of motor accidents. We are 100% safe on the road because our mechanics do their job with high integrity.


Everyone has a hero in his or her life. Presented above, are my heroes from the pearl of Africa’s capital; Kampala. Stay smart, and feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Laziness clothed as love.

It is common practice for many people especially in sub-Saharan Africa where I’ve spent most of my life to accompany a bereave family to their burial grounds. People do this in show of love and support, but it is also a way promoting laziness.

I have witnessed this act of laziness dressed in form of love in my home town of Nebbi in northern Uganda. When someone dies, especially a known person or someone from a known family, the entire town shuts down, government or other public offices are closed, including hospitals or even the police in some cases, with everyone drifting towards the funeral and burial of the lost soul. This mass movement is done in the spirit of love and togetherness, but they take it too far. Nebbi town is just an example here, because this act is done in most areas in the sub-Saharan Africa.

I call it laziness clothed in love because why would an entire town shut down just to bury a single person, why would government and public institutions close service provision for one whole day (sometimes more than a day) just to bury one person.  That’s why I termed this act of love and spirit of togetherness laziness.

The signs that this act of love is actually laziness are here;

  • Gossiping, these people would prepare themselves dress in their Sunday wears to go sit the whole day at the home of the bereaved family just to witness what’s going on and talk about whatever it is that is happening. They will memorize the attire each person was putting on and talk about it like they have a fashion show like Sylvia Owori’s.
  • Zero help, the whole town or the entire community may go to attend someone’s burial, but while there, they also act like visitors. These people never extend any helping hand in terms of doing the manual work at the funeral, from carrying the casket, to digging the grave, cooking for everyone available, or even helping in food service. In most cases service providers are hired to take care of these lazy chaps, and the bereaved family foots the bill alone.
  • Turning someone’s lost to a market place, they will come in the name of showing love and the spirit of togetherness but will take advantage of the situation and turn it into a katale day and sell or market all kinds of businesses they do or talk about the top job positions they have, and the politicians always cross the line an extra mile by turning the place of burial into a campaign ground, something they should do at the market square, Nakivubo, or around Kiseka market.
  • Limited financial contribution, yes they will all dress in their best outfits and fill vehicles beyond their carrying capacities to go and burry someone they claim to have loved, or morn with the family they love, but they will hardly pull out money in form of condolences to offer to the bereaved family, which money actually is used up in feeding and accommodating the very many guests and still leaves the bereaved family in most cases with huge debts to pay for service provision during burial of a loved one.
  • The act of closing shops or offices, the truth is I’ve failed to understand why everyone will close his or her shop, and public servants closing their offices to go and burry someone. What happened to specialization or division of labor? Why can’t some people go bury the dead, while others are offering their services both in businesses and public offices? Why can’t we realize that the livings are more important than the dead? The general act of closing shops and public offices symbolize laziness but not love. 
  • Lack of specialization, why would an attire town or community shut down because of a sendoff. There are various ways of showing love better than everyone attending one burial. Socialism may be a good act in a situation like death, but we live in a capitalist world and time is money. The more time you waste doing un-significant things, the poorer you become. The towns and communities should have learnt by now that not everyone is needed during a burial or funeral, just a few people who matters most in whatever area/service needed at the burial or funeral are needed. The towns and communities must learn how to specialize.
  • No one cares attitude at the funeral, while they all go dressed in their Sunday best attires, they really don’t care. This is something they will show openly at the funeral in front of the bereaved family. They don’t care who has lost, or who will miss a dear one. To them, the lazy chaps, it’s like show business. They just attend to show everyone else that they still exist forgetting that there are people who are really heart broken and may be need one or two heart nourishing words to bring them back, which the lazy men and women never realize or do.
  • Taking pictures and videos, then share on social media. The nicely dressed brothers and sisters always turn burials to normal social events and spend better part of the day taking selfies, pictures and videos to share with their friends and followers on social media. This may look a normal act given the fact that we now live in a social media world, but it breaks the feelings of the ones who are really sending off a loved one.

Bringing it all together:    

Showing love to a bereaved family during a trial time can be one of the best social acts anyone can do, but turning a funeral into a leave day is laziness. Anyone, town, or community that loves to rest often remains poor and putting a day or days off just to attend any funeral or burial is a sure way to poverty. Anyone or town that dose that has or have always remain poor, and Nebbi Town is a perfect example here.