The New

When we welcomed 2018 about two months ago on the New Year’s Eve, I sat down like everyone else and wrote plans for 2018. Normally most people come with a long to do list of their intentions in what they call “new year’s resolutions “. Mine is always short and brief, or we can just call it a theme for the year. Therefore, I labeled “2018 – My year of Jubilee and great Restoration”. Jubilation in a sense that I will do a lot of things I’ve never done before and achieve great results I’ve never achieved before. To hit my targets, I first thought of restoring myself. By restoring I mean; I searched deep down within me and took notes of the things I wanted to do as a child. You know those weird childhood dreams of like wanting to be like Superman. And by the way, so many of them are coming true now days; we even have a black superhero movie called the Black Panther.

To put a general observation of the current state of the world we are living in, there are a lot of new coming to play. Not so long ago, we watched a businessman in the name of Donald Trump become US President; something which is out of the ordinary. It used to be an all experienced politicians’ affair. We have seen China rising as the new world super power in terms of national economy and GDP. We have witnessed Rwanda a very small country in the middle of nowhere and former massacre grounds rise as a continental icon in Africa in terms of technology, good governance, peace, and security. All these new events call for doing something out of the usual. In short it is business unusual, and my 2018 is the time for just that.

Recently I added how long I’ve been on earth planet when I celebrated my birthday on 25th February and that clearly meant it is show time. There are couples of things I’ve got involved in since this year began and countless others lined up all to be accomplished this great year of Jubilee and Restoration. I will hence talk about some of these things I am undertaking in this writing hoping you the reader will find something to stir the flame that has been lying idle within yourself. Listed below are some of the things I’m calling the New me:

  1. Acting. I’ve never been an actor before, but I’ve always had this unique passion or should I call it feeling for being in the block busters. I’ve always admired actors and actresses, watched lots of movies from detective, comedy, actions, love stories, chick flicks, fairy tales, adventure, documentary, to mention but a few. I even watch news while admiring the news readers and reporters imagining myself in their shoes. I think I should be famous, I must be famous, and I will be famous. Therefore I took the initiative and joined a small group of organized actors early this month, hoping this will be my stepping stone to people’s living rooms, theaters, cinemas, laptops, and of course mobile phones and whatsapp groups.
  2. Swimming. I discovered that to be a great actor one needs to maintain a good body shape, so I joined some swimming class. I used to swim as a kid but that was child’s play in some muddy water. I can of course swim in lakes and rivers for fun, and I do go to the beach sometimes, but swimming in the swimming pool is way different from that. It takes training, hard work, and some good mental strength. It’s like running in the desert or playing beach soccer which looks easy and cool from the outside until you get to do it yourself. It’s tough but I’m pushing through, and more so it’s not an everyday thing, but a once in a week game for now since I also got plenty of other stuffs I do on a daily.
  3. Public speaking. In Rwanda people are generally laid back and stepping up to air out views is not there thing especially when the conversation is in a foreign language. This has been a huge opportunity for me and I get to talk at about all public gatherings that I attend. The people here however love asking for views from different people. I always watch the President here do that during his address. It’s not like the Ugandan thing where the big man talks for an hour and we just listen. His counterpart here likes to engage his audience and that’s how public gatherings are done in this country. So when the occasion I’m attending is in English, I always get to talk publically and this is helping a lot with building my personal confidence. It has been a good ride so far and a friend who runs a public speaking program or school has noticed me; he wants me on his team.
  4. Playing musical instruments. As a kid I used to play the drums a lot, at school and church. Somehow I am friends with the guy in charge of instruments at our church now and I always get the time to learn a few musical notes here and there. By the way, I had music as a subject in my senior one and two school, and apparently it was my best done subject. I still remember the F and G clef somehow. This is not something I am doing seriously, it’s just a pass time thing when I arrive so early for service at church, but I’m loving it and considering taking playing the drums seriously. However, I will need to create time for that.
  5. Adventure and travelling. Ever since I moved to Rwanda a year ago, I’ve only been concentrating on knowing the City of Kigali, but this year round I’ve planned and is putting aside some good financial resources for travelling alone. I need to know the entire Rwanda by the end of this year. And this also goes to travelling outside Rwanda. I have realized that travelling and exploring different things is way more knowledgeable than sitting in a classroom or reading magazines. Adventure and travel is a real life experience, and it doesn’t need a very big budget. All you need is a few like-minded friends and you’re off to explore the world.

This has been Jimmy Ruva writing, and you’re free to leave comments. Thanks for reading.




Strategically executing a plan goes down to timing. Timing is the most import element of being strategic. So what do we mean when we talk timing? From my perspective, it is considering what, when, how, where, and for who or with who. You see, when you engage in productive things faa…like a male dog who just saw an on-heat female dog for the first time and feels “this is my heaven sent opportunity”, you in most cases lose. And timing is not just about wearing a watch or setting your mobile device clock on network auto set mode. It is knowing that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west every day and there are only and only 24 hours in a day now and forever.

I remember quite well some few years ago when I was about to join University, my Dad and my former economics teacher at my school of A level all advised me to apply for humanities courses. My Dad had the argument that I could easily get jobs with Government or NGOs which were sky-rocketing the employment world in my home region of northern Uganda at the time, and my economics teacher thought I would make the grade mark for government scholarship or district quota if I apply for humanity courses since I was a good student. He was also the deputy headmaster of the school and he definitely wanted people to pile up government scholarship list to promote their school. Why on earth would an economist advise me to study humanities anyway?  And maybe he wasn’t even current. The Ugandan government was promoting sciences and government scholarships were 80% science courses.

I listened to my gut instincts however and my applied for only business courses. My reason was simple; my father is a businessman and he’s business was doing extremely well at the time. I knew I would get a free hands-on learning opportunity at my Dad’s business if I was studying business. And for long my father had been my role model since with his business he was able to do a lot of great deeds in the world that I admired of him a lot. Plus some of my high school friends whose parents were the employed type; specifically civil servants, struggled a lot with paying schools fees. Most times they would be sent home two or three times in a term (which was approximately three and half months) for schools fees.  I never imagined that happening to my children thus I went one way for business, and I got everything I wanted. Up to this very moment I help my father in running his business.

That was just step one. I then took up the challenge of working for start-ups. Working for start-ups can be a stressing job especially if you are after the money because in most cases the money isn’t there. Everyone on any start-up business team is a salesperson including the CEO and each is directly responsible for financing the organization. This tough and challenging opportunity is the best place to learn if one is interested in a business career. Wisdom comes first before wealth in most cases including in the Bible with a special exception of some few cases of inheritance. My employment with the start-ups I worked for were all failures but I learnt a lot good lessons. I failed as a person but not the companies, because all are still in existence with some above five years now which is very rare for start-ups generally.

Moving to Rwanda early 2017 was yet another strategic milestone in my life. Forget about the so much hype about Rwanda, I would describe Rwanda as a fast growing economy with a lot of untapped opportunities yet. This country is the land of opportunities. The local citizens are traditional bias against business and prefer formal or normal employment. Majority of people prefer to sit at desks and build a sexy career as opposed to getting hands dirty and mingling in the world of business or entrepreneurship. The government though is doing exceeding well in changing the locals’ mindset and promoting entrepreneurship development through provision of a favorable external business environment and partnering with developed countries to  enhance the new world culture of entrepreneurship or business. My goal now is to tap as much as I can possibly hold while I am still here, and I am looking forward to establish myself here permanently.

To make my goals and dreams come true; I know I need people. However, I don’t just allow anyone into my life. I have become very strategic in creating my connections. The rule is simple: what do you have to offer? This doesn’t go to say that I manipulate people, I only seriously consider what our friendship or connection can positively impact in my life before calling you my friend. I am not being unfair; decision like this dates back to two thousand years ago when Jesus Christ of Nazareth selected only twelve people to be on his team of ministry. And it was successful since up to this date billions of people across the earth worship him.

For me being strategic applies in all areas of my life including love life. I am not the kind of guy who is going to run after every nice looking lady searching for love. In most cases I set my grounds and love finds me. I might have failed at more than one relationship, but all those ladies were carefully and specifically selected, researched, monitored, and evaluated over time and a go for the kill decision was made. I must confess in almost all dates I got a yes on the first date and within the first five minutes of conversation. It is like applying the 80/20 rule in every aspect of your life. You first take your time to study anything you are up for, and then you execute. Remember the last word is execute, and that means ACTION. Without action at the end you will be wasting your precious time.

Thanks for reading. I am Jimmy Ruva, and feel free to leave comments.


Money and Power

To most people money is the medium of exchange, but in reality it’s more than that. Money to me is your purchasing power. It’s what differentiate a beggar from a buyer. In the world we live in today one is nothing without money. Nobody on earth respects a person without Money. Have money and the all world worships you like some god. Some people say money is the root cause of all evil, but poverty is more depressing. I will say poverty is the root cause of all evil. It’s poor people that breaks into others houses to steal some for their survival. It’s poor young ladies who can’t afford all the expenses that comes with being a woman that end up in prostitution or sleeping with rich married men to get some money. Without money chances are high one becomes something for something individual, and this deprive them of power.

Power on the other hand is the ability to be heard. There are seven billion people in this world and everybody has a say about what is going on or just how they feel on a particular day, but only those with power are listened to. To again attention in this universe you need power, and Power comes with your ability and potential to pull hundreds of thousands to your way of reasoning. Power is like sales, if you can sell, you’re listened to and your voice is heard. Without the ability to sell, you’re a nobody and no one will ever listen to you, thus you can’t have power. So one has to work really hard to develop the skills that brings power and with these skills, you’ll not only have money and Power, but also wealth and riches.

Now wealth and riches is more than just money and Power. Wealth comes when you’ve amass tons of tangible assets that translates to a huge monetary value when represented in currency form, and this is when people will call you rich. A famous Hip Hop super star by the name of 50 Cents once recorded an album and called it “get rich or die trying”. People are even willing to sacrifice their lives to get rich, it must be something very enjoyable. Now wealth and riches donot only come in the form of money, most times they are represented by wisdom. The truly wise will always be rich and wealthy. That is; to acquire a great deal of wealth and riches, one must first have great wisdom. It is also evident that the wisest man in the Bible; King Solomon, acquired a huge amount of wealth and riches, most of which were given to him freely by people who wanted some pieces of his knowledge and wisdom.

However in the case of King Solomon, his knowledge and wisdom were a blessing from God. Therefore, is all knowledge and wisdom a blessing from God? Maybe, let’s find out with some evidence. Abraham the great grandfather of the Jews was blessed by God according to the Old Testament and he acquired a lot of wealth. His grandson Jacob was blessed too by the Heavenly Father and he too acquired a great deal of wealth and riches. He even married sisters, and they were his cousins by the way, but that was Old Testament anything was possible. Jacob’s son Joseph was specifically blessed with a different form of wealth; wisdom. When he spoke he exalted power, and was made a governor in a foreign land where he had been initially sold to as a slave. So it could be true that wealth and riches are blessings from God.

There could be some people who still think money and Power are the source of all evil, but listed below are my objections from their way of thinking:

  1. With money you can make donations. There are so many people suffering in this world that calls for our attention; we the blessed. The leading donors, (and I’m not talking about blood donors) are the rich. World renowned wealthy men like Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson are some of the famous world donors. Even Mr YK Museveni of Uganda who happens to be one of the wealthiest men in that country recently donated huge sums of money towards the treatment and then burial of a famous Afrobeats musician Mozey Radio who passed on recently. These people are known and respected because of their money and power.
  2. Power well used can transform a society. I was chatting with a friend of mine from the US who works with American embassy Kigali and she was telling me how a village Kigali was ten years ago. She had worked with the embassy ten years ago before heading to another country and lived in Kigali then. The same Kigali has been transformed so much that she feels it’s a new place all together. This is a true testimony of good leadership. Salute H.E President Paul Kagame.
  3. Money is the only source of provision. Believe me, you’ll never walk in to a supermarket and pick items off the shelves if you don’t have money. First of all, what will you be doing in a supermarket if you don’t have money. The best you will get is an arrest by the police for shoplifting.
  4. Money and Power is the foundation for all relationships. All relationships begins with what you can offer. There is a popular proverb that “your network is your networth”. Trust me, no rich person will ever be a friend to a poor man. If you want great friends, start by acquiring money and Power and people will come looking for you. Everyone will want to be your friend.

In the African tradition, every mature man was supposed to have wealth (money) and Power. Only men with wealth and power were respected. No father would ever give his daughter in marriage to a poor man.  Now days I see very poor men sleeping with beautiful women, oba where do they get the guts from! But still their days are numbered.

Thanks for reading, until next time I remain Jimmy Ruva. Feel free to leave comments.

The savings challenge

Started by one Mr Jimmy Muhinda is bringing a lot of growth minded people together as everyone wants to make 2018 their greatest year ever. It’s not the kind of challenge where there is one ultimate winner who walks out with a huge price or crown, but a challenge geared towards teaching people the important habit of saving. Many people think they’re good at saving, but the naked truth is that they’re not. I used to think I was good at saving until I joined the challenge then I discovered I am lacking. However, I am now the happiest Particepant of the challenge and here is my story.

Joining the challenge was a tough decision for me given the highly raised standard rules, but I did anyway and just a month in the game I am the happiest man alive. Saving is hard, I get that. And we all know humans especially we black people are not good at saving or just postponing utilization of our hard earned money given that we most times get our worthiness from spending money on useless things. A typical black man feels good when he’s addressed as the big spender, but that’s ignorance.

As hard as it is to save, so was it joining the savings challenge for me. I however opened my memory bank and remembered back last year 2017 around early March how I joined a writing group created by one Mr Lawrence Namale which had similar tough rules for joining, but I did join anyway and very soon we at the writers club will be celebrating our first anniversary full of job well done, because we have some incredible writers like myself Jimmy Ruva and a few others who have appeared on national newspapers, magazines, and televisions.

My journey to social transformation actually started by me joining a book sharing club. In this club we share all kinds of books from self-helps, personal development, romantic novels, business, fiction books and non-fiction among others. The book sharing club reprogrammed my mindset from pessimist to an optimist and a realist at the same time. Of course it was a journey, and I’m still on that journey, but now deep in the oceans very far from the sea shore. With my mind being reprogrammed, I quickly joined better groups like the writers, the young treps, and now the future billionaires and investors through the savings challenge.

My expectations for the future has been set so high now, especially for this year 2018. I am looking at buying shares or Co ownership in some really good start-ups, like here in Rwanda there are some pretty outstanding start-ups. Recently when German car manufacturer Volkswagen officially announced it’s start of operations for their Rwanda assembly plant which is expected to produce the first car on the market by May this year 2018, a Rwandan Tech Start-up won the contract to build their mobile solutions. This is a great deal and partnership for an African Tech Start-up who out competed great Tech services providers from the outside world. The mobile solutions is something similar to Uber, it’s like a self drive taxi where you hire a vehicle for sometime, use it, and take it back when your time elaspes.

Going back to business, here is how the savings challenge is positively impacting my life:

  1. I now save pocket change. You know those coins most of us think don’t really matter. You can give them to the kids, buy airtime with them, or even buy roasted maize by the roadside as you roll home. The truth is, when put together for some time, like a week. They make some pretty good amount of money that can buy two days full meals. I personally discovered this when I forced myself to save all the pocket change coins for just a week. I was able realize an amount good enough to buy myself a new cardigan. Kigali is a pretty cold place so I needed to add on to my arsenal of warmers. I bought a nice black hoodie, my prayers now is Sherry doesn’t take it, because she always does.
  2. I save free money too. You know that money given to you by someone unexpectedly. It was never in your plans to receive free money from anyone. You had planned your expenses and you’d enough money to meet the bills, then someone maybe your boss or an elder family member gives you free money. Before I used to drink all such money, thank God I stopped drinking. Later I picked the habit of using them to buy stuff I wanted like shoes, but that didn’t make me happy either. So I started saving them ever since I got myself into the savings challenge.
  3. I also save money I receive from buying an item at a lesser price than I expected. I recently bought a back bag at 40K Ugx, but I had planned and allocated 50K Ugx for buying the bag, so I came home from the market 10K Ugx richer. In my previous life, I would have spent that 10K there and then at the market, but this time round I was discipline and added that money to my monthly saving.
  4. I’ve put a limitation on my having fun. Back then I was a huge supporter of the popular slogan TGIF, and this took a lot of my money I could have used for something productive. I praise God that I stopped drinking alcohol. I am now able to drop all the disposal income I used to spent on alcohol into my savings account.
  5. I’ve planned to thank myself by investing in Start-ups, especially here in Rwanda where the government through the Rwanda Development Board(RDB) is doing pretty good stuff for young great minds. The private sector like Bank of Kigali in particular is also doing incredible stuff to develop the youths, and of course Africa Connect which I am a part of, is icing the cake.

Until next time, I am Jimmy Ruva. Thank you for reading, and you’re free to drop comments.