The City Of Kigali.

It’s the capital of the land of a thousand hills, and quite a nice city. Very clean, secure, and of course has a lot of beauties, more than you can imagine. The one unique thing about Rwanda’s capital Kigali is that; its beauty goes way beyond just the lots of beautiful women it has. That city itself attracts a lot of tourist, including me, a business tourist, meaning, I simply make sure I earn profits from everywhere I go.

A famous world body recently named Kigali among the top world conference destinations. But not only that, it was also named amongst the most secure cities in the world. Are you a very rich man who needs a very secure city for residence? Then look out for the city of Kigali. It’s also among the cleanest in the world, and you’ll love the weather too.

But today we are mainly here to discover the towns and centers that make up the city of Kigali. There are so many, but I will talk about the ones am familiar with.

  1. Remera.  This is my favorite. It’s close to all the important places I encounter everyday in Kigali. I only pay 150frw to get here from where I live using the Kigali Bus Services bus and between 300-500frw on a moto (boda boda). But that’s not even the best part. It is also home to a lot of businesses like consultancies, the types common in Ntinda and around Kampala road. My most favourite part is the bars and restos.  Remera has all kinds of bars and restos from VVIP to the local bar. It is also home to the Amahoro National Stadium. And every day there are activities either at the football field or the indoor stadium, including today.
  2. Kacyiro. This is a diplomatic area and residence. It houses 95% of foreign missions and embassies, international bodies like the UN agencies and also the Rwandan state house. I am not really a noble, but the hunger for the word of God brought me to this fantastic place. I am a devout catholic and I worship at St Dominic in Kacyiro. I belong to the English community, because there are three communities; French, Kinyarawnda, and English. And what I love most about our community is the angels’ voices, our choir. These guys are the best choir I’ve ever met in any catholic church so far. I have siblings who converted to Pentecost mainly because of their worship style, and labeled the Catholics boring in terms of worship. I now understand that, that was because they hadn’t met choirs like the angels voices. Kacyiro is also home to the peoples bar, Rwandans only full-time 7 days a week disco bar.
  3. Kimihurura. This is my usually stop on Sundays around 7pm after the mass. The English mass at St Dominic starts at 5pm. It is home to the Kigali convention centre, Radisson blue hotel, Kigali heights, Rwandan parliament, and my favorite; Simba supermarket Kimihurura branch. I always stop at the supermarket to get a byte and some sips. Simba is more than just a supermarket, it’s a bar and resto especially when night falls. It reminds me a lot of Centenary Park in Uganda.
  4. Kanombe. This is my area code, my hood, and my home. It has the tightest security in Kigali, because it is also home to Kigali international airport, Rwanda military high court, Rwanda military hospital, the biggest military barracks, presidential palace museum, and a popular cemetery. It is the best neighborhood to me given the type of houses around, tight security, easy accessibility to town and the airport, plus the awesome looking young daughters of Eve coming from those rich men’s gates. I just enjoy looking at them.
  5. Nyabogogo. The name has no meaning in Kinyarwanda. A friend told me the name “Nyabogogo” came from a muganda man who lived a longtime ago. He was trying to chase away a chick from him when he said “nyabo go go”, which later became a common phrase thus the name. But the place is general a trade place. Like down town Nakivubo area. It has bus terminals, taxi parks, moto stages, and all those things that are evident in trade areas. Different languages are spoken here, and the common are Kinyarwanda, Swahili, Luganda, Lingala, French, and English among others.     
  6. Kimironko. It neighbors Remera, and is like the same in almost everything, except it has this huge market where I always shop from. You know I am still single. But that shopping thing will stop immediately the moment I get a wife, no hard feelings or domestic violence here, I just hate bargaining at the market. It is also home to Kigali parents schools (both primary and secondary), Kim University, my favorite swimming pool, and of course a nice neighborhood. It’s a must go to place while in Kigali.
  7. Kicukiro. This is like wandegeya. Its home to almost everything. Universities, ministries, offices, businesses, and the Rwanda Genocide memorial center. I always stop by when going to town to check on my friends at Bralirwa Company limited. You just cannot escape this town when you visit Kigali. It’s the center of everything.
  8. Nyarugenge/Mumugi. You cannot escape this one either. It’s the combination of Kikumbo, Old Taxi Park, Entebbe road, Nasser road, and parts of Kampala road. I always buy my second hand jeans and T-shirts from here. It is also home to a lot of companies, especially banks. If you want a loan or insurance cover in Rwanda, this is the perfect place for you.
  9. Nyamirambo. I’ve never been here. But my friend Thomas told me it’s full of Muslims, just like Kawempe or Kibuli. And it’s a good place, except it may be hard to find Akabenzi (pork) here. My lady friend once told me, never to go to this particular place, because it’s full of prostitutes, according to her. I didn’t believe her though. I think she was just being jealous. And I never go for prostitutes. But one thing I am sure about is that this place is full of Ugandans.

Thanks for reading. These were just a select few. There are many other interesting places in Kigali like Gikondo, Kabuga, and others. Stay smart always and feel free to leave a comment below.