Both the Bible and the holy Quran emphasizes this. The Bible actually throws more light to that in the parable of talents in simple terms. But since us humans are stubborn and addicted to proofs or experiences; let’s go logical and prove that using your God given talents, skills, and abilities really works. If you’re ready for the ride c’mon in, let’s read together.

God gave us brains and that solid matter we all have in our skulls can do tremendous works. I happened to be familiar with web programming and I have a few close friends who are into computer software design and we share a lot. I often feel amazed at how our brain outperforms computer programs. For example, our brain’s ability to recognize speech is mind-boggling. Most of us can easily understand speech, even if it includes incomplete sentences, laughter, coughs, stutters, accents, echoes, background noise, or telephone distortion. You might think this is unremarkable, but the computer Greeks know otherwise.  Even the best speech recognition software is a far cry from the human brain.

There’s a saying that, “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings and great men”. You have skill and talent and it will cause you to be noticed, all you need to do is make use of it. We all had classmates back in high school that used their talents well and up to this day most of us still remember them with both names. Remember the girl or boy who actively participated in MDD competitions, or the girl that always led the praise and worship team during the compulsory Sunday service we the then pagans hated so much. How about the boys who played the guitar and the piano so well that we even danced along. You still remember their names right? Use your God given talents and the world will bow down to you.

If you’ve ever thought of leaving a legacy or an ever lasting impact in this world, then starting using your talents this minute. And there’s no specific industry for that. It’s just where you are. Most of us didn’t like school so much when we were kids, like in lower primary/elementary school. We didn’t understand why people go to school after all. But we each had some specific teachers we liked that made us loved school. These were the kind of teachers who taught passionately and made everything looked so easy. I still remember most of my favorite primary school teachers. Madame Phoebe, how I wish you were reading this.

And it’s the only way you can sell yourself hustle free. Most of us admire world athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Tiger woods, Louis Hamilton, or King James, and these guys made it to where they are by using their talents. All of them were identified at younger ages because they had used the talents they had and trained/developed to become world first class athletes. The parable of talents summaries it all by saying “more will be added to those who have and are faithful to use it”

We now live in a very competitive world, thanks to our love for sexual intercourse. The ever highly increasing population brought this. But it is also a big opportunity, again, only for those who are ready to use their talents. You see, things are now general done through referrals.  Be it business, jobs, projects, or any other opportunity. Personally if I don’t trust your ability, I can’t recommend you for anything. And that’s how it’s being done everywhere. Very soon the African culture of technical knows who will be over, and again we shall have technical know-how dictating allocation of resources. Talents will market you free of charge.

And from marketing you, using your talents, skills, and abilities will open for your doors you never thought of. Everyone knows Bobi Wine; the Ugandan singer turned Member of Parliament because he used his talents. The man came from a very poor background but deployed his talents very well and has been climbing ladders and still is, majorly because he used what he had. He has been able to make several more educated people than him to wear red caps every day because he has executed his leadership talents. Respect Sir.

We all love freedom, right? Now the only way you can guarantee your freedom is by using your talents. You see even every organization or boss respect their most talented people. The rest are just like garbage that can be emptied anytime. Yet we all have talents within us. The only difference is that some use theirs and they are noticed by everyone while those who prefer to be poor sit on their talents. And the Lord said in the parable of talents that; “even the little you have will be taken away from you unfaithful servants”. Not my words, but Jesus’.

And freedom gives you options in every aspect of your life. I love the song options by Stephen Marley x Pitbull. It clearly elaborates how freedom tastes like. You get the chance to choose when trying to get anything, including a lady. You literally have options everywhere. As the world complains about unemployment, there are people in this same world who are turning down jobs. And these are the talented persons at work.

You know those chaps who never lose their cool. Whether summer or winter, they are at peace. We respect them. And sometimes we think they are not humans. The secret to their way of life is deployment of talents. These guys know no matter what happens, whether good or bad they are covered. They will simply put their talents to use and all is sorted. They are the chaps you call abruptly in the middle of the night to go pitch a business idea and they will nail it. Let disaster strike at any time in their life and they will handle it smoothly. Hats off! You guys are the type that uses their talents, and I surely tell you; more will be added to you.

Thank you for reading, catch you next week. You’re free to share your thoughts in the comments.   




Is one of the most adventurous lives, a drunkard can do almost everything and there is no shame about it. He/she is free to do whatever feels right and life is pretty stress free, but of course only for a short while. Don’t ask me how I know. I’ve been one. The problem is you feck life, and sooner or later it catches up with you. There’s a saying that integrity is the most expensive virtue and the drunks are completely out of this league. The best we can say is that a drunkard is a cheap person.

You can only pretend for so long until your real self-screams for freedom. I am finally my true self again. For like a decade I was a drunk and literally lived life in the bottle. I woke up beside the bottle and slept beside the bottle. It was fun, yeah, but that wasn’t the real me. Sooner I started seeing the light and little by little like the way the Israelites conquered their enemies during the Exodus, I conquered booze. I am completely free now.

If you know anyone who needs to do the same, please share with him/her this message. But first you need to read on…

Alcohol is not generally bad, I mean there are people who work in bars and night clubs and those are their source of living. Plus there are people who have invested a lot of their hard earned money into wine, beer or liquor production, and they too need profitable returns on their investments. The problem is when the consumer takes in excess amount or above and beyond the traditional warning “please drink responsibly; excess consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health”.

I always read that warning during my old days, but I don’t remember abiding by it even once. And that was my problem. Beer was really sweet to me, just like honey and I would hardly stop taking more when I’m in a bar unless I didn’t have money to buy or I was already drunk and sleeping on the floor. The thing was whenever I got tipsy I would think I am on top of the world. It’s a wonderful feeling right? Who doesn’t like it? Even Christians fight for that. And I would drink even more, and the more I drank, I would always be on my way to blackout station. Blackout station is that place you normal rest after over enjoying yourself.

And this place always leads to miss of opportunities. If you have ever over drunk one night, you know how it feels waking up in the morning and you have a terrible hangover plus a meeting with the owner of that favorite start up you wants to work for, or let’s just say a formal interview. It can be real crushing. I missed several opportunities that way. There are others I never showed up for simply because I thought my eyes were too reddish to look at someone (a CEO or Founder for that matter) during a conversation and I would chicken out. That really cost me a lot. I’ve several of missed or left pending opportunities, especially in Uganda my motherland.

Another big problem with over consumption of alcohol is you are never sober in the morning yet mornings are a very productive part of the day. Personally I am at my best in the morning. Of course I got to know that now that I am sober. But truth is my mornings are the greatest part of my every productive day. May be because I was raised by business parents and our mornings were always for the most important part of the business, especially the financials like banking sales, collecting money from our debtors, clearing credit suppliers, among others. But trust me; mornings are really powerful and I am a morning person, plus I always start my mornings with a personal prayer and a mass/service. Wondering how? I am Catholic, and the Catholic churches always have morning masses every day.

My morning ritual really played a big role in my quitting booze, but also living in debts was another. I practically lived a borrowed life back then. You know my kind of drinking was that I would barely leave the bar when I was still strong. If my wallet had run empty, I would improvise my mobile money balances to cater for the booze and if that was not enough for the night I would definitely drink on credit. Most of my favorite bar owners were also my friends and I always paid back, but I hated living in debts. Paying debts was actually the most painful thing for me, though I would always settle my accounts. So I quit drinking alcohol and I am free. You can read my previous article 2017 Goal Achieved. (Liberated) for more on that.

And the worst of all the disadvantages of drinking in excess or being a drunkard is; you lose your self-esteem yet you need it to prosper. Here I mean you start doubting your own self and sooner everybody else joins you in the doubt including your family members. If you ever find yourself heading this route, please quit just like I did. From the ten or so years of drinking, yes I know drinking alcohol is addictive. But it is also doable. You can quit. Once you lose your self-esteem, it’s humanly over. You’ll now need God to bring you back. Remember it’s your self-esteem that will help you put up a fight. Personally, I putted up a fight even when nobody else believed in me simply because I still had my self-esteem. I never for a second thought about what others thought of me.

Let me conclude this with the benefits you get when you decide to be sober. Things that I am experiencing now;

  1. You become a much better family man.
  2. You love and appreciate your girlfriend/wife more.
  3. You respect other people.
  4. You easily practice the commandment of “love your neighbor as you love yourself”, since you now see things more clearly.

 Thanks for reading, catch you next time. Feel free to leave a comment.

My Love for Composition

Of late I’ve got a new way of spending free time or what they call leisure. I write, just like I’m doing now. For me writing is the perfect new hobby and the best replacement for former habit of always chilling at the local bar. Though, most big time world renowned writers are also good drunks. And there seems to be a high correlation between writing and drinking alcohol. But for me I only write for fun and I don’t drink alcohol. Kale, I used to do for like a decade but I quit.

Sober composition is really nice; it’s like building something magnificent from scratch. I think we writers get the same feelings like architects do when they come up with those nice structures which we later call houses, shopping malls, arcades, and so forth.  And it’s so soul warming for a guy like me who writes while speaking and thinking. Generally I write the same way I speak or think. It’s so natural and self-flowing. And it is my new way of enjoying happy hour.

I also think writing is closely related to creativity and innovativeness. Actually its creativity and innovativeness it’s self. And there is a lot of art and science involve in writing. Coming up with something from scratch involves a lot of thinking and mostly those who are creative and patient can do that because its time consuming and mind blowing. I’m also thinking when you over write the chances of you becoming a comedian are very high. I mean stand-up comedians like Patrick Salvador of Uganda.

The art of composition can also be a good stepping stone to greatness especially in the current world you and me lives in where information technology and information it’s self sells like hot cakes. Actually we are living in the information economy. Some famous authors have called the current economy; the idea economy, others; the knowledge economy and I’ll call it the information economy. To me, writing is now a necessity. Every day I must write. Just like eating.

Now this brings us to the importance of a notepad and a pen. For me, I write something down almost every five minutes. It could be something important immediately or just any stuff like some website on a signpost that I may visit or be of tremendous value in the near future. But trust me; this habit of noting things down has helped me a lot. I actually had a friend who one time called it stupid. But thank God we are no longer close. The last time I saw him or talked to him was about a year ago. No hard feelings here, but there are some people you need or will need to get out of your life if you are to make it to where you are heading.

Writing or noting things down is really important. Try it out. It will perform for you fantastic miracles over time. Remember I said over time. Not today or tomorrow, but over a period of time. Just keep doing it, and this means you will have to be carrying a notepad and a pen most of the time. I carry a pen and a piece of paper all the time. Even the closest thing to my bed is a pen and a piece of paper. Not toilet paper, a piece of paper or a notepad for writing down any ideas or insights that crops up.

Composition also presents a good opportunity to open up to others. Whether you are composing a song or writing a novel or an article you open yourself out to others. Which is a good thing, but it is even extra good for people like me who are naturally quiet and reserved. This doesn’t go to say that we are mean. Personally, I joke a lot. Of course mostly to people I’m used to and the ones I can trust. I can be silly sometimes. Actually my ex-girlfriend use to think I’m a joker. And she was right. Sometime I’m really a joker. You know; the cool guy, always at peace, never worried, and 24/7 preaching the life is good sala pulesa slogan.

And of course writing presents an opportunity for a better life ahead. There are job titles like social media manager, public relations manager, whatsapp group admin and others where writing skills plays a key and major role in landing them. Though I’m not sure about the whatsapp group admin thing, but I am coc sure about the social media management and PR job. And what about professional writing jobs like being an editor, writer, author, and journalist, to mention but a few.

I remember clearly sometime in January 2016, one popular motivational speaker in Uganda Mr. Ethan Mussolini, also the merchant of success posted on his Facebook page that he needed someone with a high speed writing skill to be writing down the things he says on his videos. He would give you the videos or DVDs free of charge, you watch them or be watching them and pen down the words he says.

Now that needs high writing speed. I went for it. I actually got the opportunity to show my worth, but I had a barrier. I didn’t have a working personal computer at the time. So I just watched the DVD he gave me and re-watch it over and over. I even have it now here in Rwanda with me and in perfect condition just as new as it was given to me. I might had let an already won opportunity slipped away from my hands back then because I could have borrowed computers from friends or my siblings, but trust me I implemented everything he said in the DVD and learnt to be a fighter. I mean always find a way out. Now days when I meet stumbling blocks or barriers on my way to fulfilling a chosen path, I always find a way out and it has opened for me doors to very many options. I have options in every aspect of my life. There are even free fully furnished bedrooms in the house where I live right now and sometimes I just sleep anywhere I want. I’m the boss after all.

Thanks for reading. You’re free to drop a comment.


Rwanda and her capital Kigali has become the home to MICE in Africa seeing different events being held. Over the past two years alone, Rwanda has hosted big time international Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Events (MICE) a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for a particular purpose.

A World Bank Group advisory project helped set up a convention bureau, which improved the government’s capacity to identify business opportunities in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE) sector and created an avenue for private operators to get convention business.

Since the project began, there has been substantial growth in this dynamic segment of tourism. In 2016, Rwanda hosted over 40 international conferences, with the Convention Bureau directly engaged in organizing several high-profile events: the World Economic Forum (WEF), The Global African Investment Summit, the African Union Summit (AU) and the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF). The Bureau also worked on events for AFREXIMBANK and The World Academy of Sciences and Coca Cola’s Annual continental corporate meeting. (Source:  The World Bank)

After the Rwanda Convention Bureau was established, visitors for conferences nearly doubled from 17,950 to 35,100 and revenue from MICE events increased from US$29.6 million in 2014 to US$47 million in 2016. (Source:  The World Bank)

Some of the reasons why Rwanda has become the African hub for MICE are;

  1. Rwanda is Africa’s safest country and the 9th safest country in the world, ahead of Luxembourg, Portugal, New Zealand and Netherlands (source: WEF)
  2. Kigali boasts the most modern convention facilities in Africa (outside of South Africa). These facilities are at par with the world’s best. No wonder the Radisson Blu Kigali Convention Center recently won the Best Conference Hotel in Africa Award. The country has hosted many prestigious events including the World Economic Forum, Interpol Congress and the AU Summit.
  3. In a continent that is spread over 30 million square kilometers, Rwanda’s location is remarkably central. Flying times to major cities are as follows: Nairobi (1hour 15 minutes), Johannesburg (3 hours 55 minutes) and Lagos (4 hours 30 minutes). RwandAir, the best new airline in Africa, offers convenient connections to most business hubs across the continent.
  4. Rwanda is the only country in Africa that offers visa on arrival to passport holders of all 54 African countries.
  5. Rwanda is an African success story that is still being written. Be it financial inclusion, gender diversity, conservation or modern technology, Rwanda is making giant strides in every sphere of social & economic activity.
  6. Kigali is simply beautiful! The UN has ranked Kigali as the most beautiful capital city in Africa! African executives love attending events here. They are drawn by the city’s stunning scenery, its striking cleanliness and the year-round beautiful weather.

This has led to growth in modern infrastructures like the construction of Bugesera international airport in Bugesera district. The construction works have been planned in phases for a total budget of $765 million. The first phase will be ready by March 2020 at a cost of about $400 million. At starting of operation, the airport will be able to accommodate about 1.8 million passengers per year. (Source: Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority).

Rwanda is heavily investing in its infrastructure and sees tourism as a large contributor to the economy.  On average, 98 percent of employees are local, the standard of living is rising and there is steady economic growth.

The high growth in the MICE industry in Rwanda has been championed by the Government of Rwanda and her development partners, the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the Rwanda Convention Bureau (RCB) and the Ministry of Tourism.



The Electronic Genius

Like I said in my article THE YOUNG RUVA, I’ve loved electronics all my life. And as I grew up, I incorporated Tech or what they call ICT into it. My mission was to make myself a human weapon or something of that sort. I don’t know the dictionary definition of an electronic because I don’t read the dictionary, maybe someday I will start, but I think an electronic is anything that uses electricity.
During my childhood we had this one electrician call Mr. Obina, whom I should call our family electrician because up to this date, he’s the only one who works on anything electrical at my parent’s home. I loved watching him do his thing and he taught me a lot about electricity and life in general.
As i grew up I developed a unique love for computers. I love to explore how different programs works on that machine and having one connected to the internet is an icing on the cake for me. No wonder I took a web development class at Uganda Technology And Management University (UTAMU) at Bugolobi sometime in early 2015 and my lecturer Mr. Samuel Lubwama has been the best tech teacher I’ve ever encountered. I’ve also worked with other tech geniuses around Kampala; however my moment at UTAMU was special.
There was this team from the communications department of the Bank of Uganda (BoU) headed by one Mr. Kizito Kiyinge Kelvin (if I remember well) their deputy director of communication and his boys attending the same class. I had just clocked 23 years and sitting with these guys in the same class gave me a special kind of purpose and feeling. I felt big and a big time achiever. Actually I was the only none BoU staff in that class and those guys liked me a lot because I was young and a quick learner. But anyway, I used to have more time with the lecturer Mr. Samuel Lubwama because we were personal friends. He was just a young guy and unmarried, but he’s married now to a beautiful lady called…, sorry I don’t remember her name quite well.
It never ended there; I later on grabbed the attention of Mr. Pascal Ocan while he was setting up Captiva visuals, his branding company. We had breakfast and talked for about 1 hour, remember he’s a very busy man and by then he was running up and down putting his company together. He offered me a place and gave a small simple task to show what I can do. What pains me up to this day is that I didn’t do it, yet I had everything I needed and a job waiting on me. The problem was back then I used to drink a lot and I was rarely sober. But now I am totally sober. I quit drinking on 4th August 2017.
The electronics part of it however goes way back to my childhood. I was always the DJ for family events like on Christmas while growing up, and my parents were really proud of me. My dad would even take me to his friends’ or our relatives’ events because he always knew I will play a role. And he would proudly speak of my electronic genius to his friends and our relatives. He actually suggested I join Elgon school of Electricity (if I remember well) after my senior four.
Surprisingly I rarely go for burials or funerals. It’s not that I hate the dead; it’s just that my relatives and friends in most cases do pass on when I am very far from the village or very committed. But I remember quite well that all the clan or family funerals I’ve attended, I didn’t just go there as a mourner but a special someone to make sure there was lights and electricity at the event. Where I come from is not fully lit like villages around the cities or major towns. Mine is a little bit deep and it’s only the towns and major centers that have full time electricity from the national grid.
Now this tech and electronics love was reawaken on the twenty seventh day of October this year 2017, that is last Friday. I was attending a public event here in Kigali Rwanda, and i mistakenly forgot my phone on an open table for about seven minutes while I was engaged in a conversation with someone I wanted to meet. I remembered within that time interval about my missing phone but it was too late. Someone had taken it and switched it off. A thing like that rarely happens in Rwanda. Actually I used to think such scenarios can’t happen in Rwanda.
I quickly got in touched with the security camera operator of the building and boom; it was a lady who picked my phone. That shocked me a lot. Who on earth would think a lady can take a forgotten property in a public place and keep it for herself. No one right? Not even me who is very skeptical about ladies. But the all thing opened my eyes on a gift I had stopped making use of.
While I assisted the security camera operator in running the security video footage to know this lady, I saw a unique skill in myself. I was doing things the Chloe O’Brian way. For those who have watched the TV series 24 you know what I’m talking about. That babe was really good at her thing, or should I say the character in the series. And basically any other detective TV series (like criminal minds) that involves a lot of security camera tracking and identifying someone by running scans on government and big companies databases to get someone’s identity.
I know my loved ones and those who love me might be missing my random once in while whatsApp messages (I call them check ons) but there is no need to worry. I will be back with another hand held computer (that’s how I call smart phones) very soon. The money I earned yesterday was already budgeted and buying a new phone wasn’t part of the budget. And the lady, I forgave her and may God almighty bless her richly.
Thanks for reading. Catch you next week.