Strategically executing a plan goes down to timing. Timing is the most import element of being strategic. So what do we mean when we talk timing? From my perspective, it is considering what, when, how, where, and for who or with who. You see, when you engage in productive things faa…like a male dog who just saw an on-heat female dog for the first time and feels “this is my heaven sent opportunity”, you in most cases lose. And timing is not just about wearing a watch or setting your mobile device clock on network auto set mode. It is knowing that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west every day and there are only and only 24 hours in a day now and forever.

I remember quite well some few years ago when I was about to join University, my Dad and my former economics teacher at my school of A level all advised me to apply for humanities courses. My Dad had the argument that I could easily get jobs with Government or NGOs which were sky-rocketing the employment world in my home region of northern Uganda at the time, and my economics teacher thought I would make the grade mark for government scholarship or district quota if I apply for humanity courses since I was a good student. He was also the deputy headmaster of the school and he definitely wanted people to pile up government scholarship list to promote their school. Why on earth would an economist advise me to study humanities anyway?  And maybe he wasn’t even current. The Ugandan government was promoting sciences and government scholarships were 80% science courses.

I listened to my gut instincts however and my applied for only business courses. My reason was simple; my father is a businessman and he’s business was doing extremely well at the time. I knew I would get a free hands-on learning opportunity at my Dad’s business if I was studying business. And for long my father had been my role model since with his business he was able to do a lot of great deeds in the world that I admired of him a lot. Plus some of my high school friends whose parents were the employed type; specifically civil servants, struggled a lot with paying schools fees. Most times they would be sent home two or three times in a term (which was approximately three and half months) for schools fees.  I never imagined that happening to my children thus I went one way for business, and I got everything I wanted. Up to this very moment I help my father in running his business.

That was just step one. I then took up the challenge of working for start-ups. Working for start-ups can be a stressing job especially if you are after the money because in most cases the money isn’t there. Everyone on any start-up business team is a salesperson including the CEO and each is directly responsible for financing the organization. This tough and challenging opportunity is the best place to learn if one is interested in a business career. Wisdom comes first before wealth in most cases including in the Bible with a special exception of some few cases of inheritance. My employment with the start-ups I worked for were all failures but I learnt a lot good lessons. I failed as a person but not the companies, because all are still in existence with some above five years now which is very rare for start-ups generally.

Moving to Rwanda early 2017 was yet another strategic milestone in my life. Forget about the so much hype about Rwanda, I would describe Rwanda as a fast growing economy with a lot of untapped opportunities yet. This country is the land of opportunities. The local citizens are traditional bias against business and prefer formal or normal employment. Majority of people prefer to sit at desks and build a sexy career as opposed to getting hands dirty and mingling in the world of business or entrepreneurship. The government though is doing exceeding well in changing the locals’ mindset and promoting entrepreneurship development through provision of a favorable external business environment and partnering with developed countries to  enhance the new world culture of entrepreneurship or business. My goal now is to tap as much as I can possibly hold while I am still here, and I am looking forward to establish myself here permanently.

To make my goals and dreams come true; I know I need people. However, I don’t just allow anyone into my life. I have become very strategic in creating my connections. The rule is simple: what do you have to offer? This doesn’t go to say that I manipulate people, I only seriously consider what our friendship or connection can positively impact in my life before calling you my friend. I am not being unfair; decision like this dates back to two thousand years ago when Jesus Christ of Nazareth selected only twelve people to be on his team of ministry. And it was successful since up to this date billions of people across the earth worship him.

For me being strategic applies in all areas of my life including love life. I am not the kind of guy who is going to run after every nice looking lady searching for love. In most cases I set my grounds and love finds me. I might have failed at more than one relationship, but all those ladies were carefully and specifically selected, researched, monitored, and evaluated over time and a go for the kill decision was made. I must confess in almost all dates I got a yes on the first date and within the first five minutes of conversation. It is like applying the 80/20 rule in every aspect of your life. You first take your time to study anything you are up for, and then you execute. Remember the last word is execute, and that means ACTION. Without action at the end you will be wasting your precious time.

Thanks for reading. I am Jimmy Ruva, and feel free to leave comments.



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