Jimmy The Prodigal Son.

In the early 1990’s when Jimmy Ruva was born, his parents dedicated him to the Lord God through baptism. He started off with a steady growth in faith and grew a very intelligent brilliant boy. He would top his class, work very hard at the family shop, and do all the house chores; most of which were meant for the girls. No wonder his sisters love him a lot up to this very moment. Trouble came around his early teen years as he enters puberty and the adolescent age. He became a very stubborn boy and lost his path to greatness that was predetermined by the creator before he was even conceived in his mother’s womb. This is the story of Jimmy Ruva’s early glory, downfall, and rise to grace and triumph as recorded by him.

I started off my life loving God the creator a lot. I believed everything good came from above, and it was the creator who gave man wealth and riches. This belief was planted in me by my parents who worked very hard at their business and ensured life was okay for whoever they can touch. My father was a wealthy man and he believed his wealth came from God, thus he touched every life he could lay his hands on. To him, helping the less fortunate was not just a way of giving back but a mandate or command given to him by the creator of the Universe. He took this command so seriously that he worked more than 12 hours a day to feed, clothe and school, protect and create a great future for the sheep given to him. He was a true shepherd.

Jimmy of course grew learning all this amazing examples from his father and his father was very proud of him. As he grew closer to his youthful age, his father promised to take him to the best school in the country provided he gets an excellent result with good grades in his primary seven final exams. He never disappointed. He got the first grade with good distinctions. His father was very happy. His son was going to a great school in the country and become a lawyer, a pilot, an engineer, or the likes. But Jimmy Ruva instead wanted to be a priest. All the same his father tried getting him into a seminary school, but a few laws within the seminary school system wouldn’t let him join. So they both went back to plan A. Now his father was winning, and his son would become what he has always dreamt of. And then trouble started.

At the school he joined senior one, he entered into a very bad group and become a thug. He did a lot of bad things, lost his way, and forgot about God completely. He would be in trouble after trouble, and his parents become very unhappy. God however never left him even thought he had forgotten God. He continued to perform relatively well, though his performance was slowly declining. And blinded by Satan, he couldn’t realize it. His group called themselves “the Anti-Girls Association” AGA. He was in a mixed school. The group hated girls and would beat up any girl who crosses their path. They were a no go zone for all girls in the school. To them, girls brought sin upon the earth. Their augment was baseless just like LRA’s Joseph Kony’s.

Jimmy got expelled and had to find another school. This happened at a very crucial time as they were setting their senior two End of year exams. He arrived home with only term one and two results which had very good performance but lacking the third term promotional exams report. His father being a businessman, made use of the two nice results to convince the headmaster of another good school that his son would perform miracles for them if they admitted him to senior three at their school. The headmaster bought in the father’s idea and admitted Jimmy. The boy immediately showed outstanding performances in both class and other school co-curriculum activities like debates and was unopposed elected as the Deputy or Vice Speaker of the students’ council. A position he out championed his boss, performed very well and made himself noticed within and outside the school. But his bad trails also continued. The school top administration was repeatedly accused by other students of favoring the boy, because he would openly break school rules and regulations and nothing or no form of punishment done to him.

This made him so big headed and he thought to himself he was invisible. He continued his trails of bad things and God seemed to still love him anyway even though he never stepped at the place of worship. Nice things continued happening his way, like; getting good grades, admissions to great schools, finances, human support from east and west, and he even dated the best girls in town. The kind every man would want to have, yet he ill-treated them. But little did he know that slowly he was sinking. So one day he got sick. And this sickness would change his life.

He went to a good private clinic in Kampala, and the doctor was very honest with him. All the tests the lab technician had performed came out negative. The doctor didn’t diagnose him but advised him instead. Jimmy had shown symptoms of depression. Prior to this sickness things weren’t going his way. Jimmy is addicted to winning. In his mind, he always wins and he is a winner by birth right. So he had to slow down, may be a little bit.

Kumbe, God had better plans for him. He has a sister who loves God and praying a lot. One day as the sister was going to church, she asked him to come along. It had been a decade since Jimmy last stepped foot in church. He said to himself “why not, I am sick and I need some healing”. Off they went, and the sermon at church changed his life. Seating at the back seat of the Taxi on the way back, all he could remember was how he loved and was so much loyal to God as a little boy. Thus, he silently made a promise to himself, that “as long as he lives, he will serve the Lord God.” And his life changed for better completely.



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