Growing up I wasn’t a disciplined child and got myself into trouble often times. I ran with the wrong guys; the kind every mother warns her kids not to befriend, and I got my fair share of disappointments and failures. My life story relates a lot with that of Joseph in the Old Testament, the only difference is; my troubles were self-inflicted. The most amazing thing however is that I always got myself up when I failed. And I failed a lot of times.  Here are some of my failures.

In March 2016 was chasing a passport. The Ugandan passport, I am a Ugandan. My father discouraged me saying; I wasn’t qualified for a passport that only kids from prominent families like the children of ministers and members of parliament qualify for a passport. Excuse my father’s ignorance. He’s not schooled. He’s a primary 6 dropout, but he has done great things anyway. I shouldn’t even have cared but I needed his financial support at that time. I was a grown up and dem broke.

But in January 2017 I moved to Kigali in Rwanda where to live and work you need a visa and work permit, all which requires a passport. I’ve a passport of course. I found another way back then. Here in Rwanda I am a part of a select team with the Africa Connekt to travel across Africa preaching the good news of entrepreneurship. I have also been included on another select team of young creative minds with the World Bank group Africa Rwanda office where I stand a high chance of representing Rwanda in April 2018 at the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC. Everything is possible.

During my secondary education, I went to four schools in six years. I was expelled from all of them. I sat both my O and A level exams from home, on indefinite suspension. Wasn’t that enough reason for me to stop schooling? No I didn’t. I made it to Makerere University’s school of statistics and planning. At some point I dropped out again. This had nothing to do with financial support. My parents love education and they will do anything for it. I was just a rebel. But here I am having an entrepreneur 4 impact (E4Impact) MBA scholarship lined up, a course offered by the Universita Cattolica del sacro cuore in Italy in collaboration with KIM University Rwanda where I am a working student. I am the public relations guy for the Center for Gender and Entrepreneurship (CGE) KIM University. This gives me access to prominent people, organizations and our funding partners like; Rwanda development board (RDB) and UN Women Rwanda. A friend of mine always says; success is for the rebels. Now I believe him.

For like a decade in my life I was addicted to really bad substances like alcohol and cud. And yet I overcame my addictions. I no longer drink, may be soda and pure heaven the non-alcoholic grape juice, and nor do I chew cud. I do go to those places like bars, pubs, night clubs, and events sometimes, mainly to meet specific people or duty calls and I don’t drink alcohol, neither do I fuck gals i meet at the clubs. My partying now days is mostly business, and once in a while to release stress and have a good time.

Back at Makerere University, I had a fine beautiful woman, now ex. she was really good in all aspects of life and I loved her a lot. But I was Mr. Wrong. She took my shits for two good years and one day she decided to move on with her life. It was the best decision she ever made, I was just a joker. My then friends and some family members all told me, I will never find someone like her again. But i do have someone better than her now. She was good and I think she still is, but the current lady is awesome. For the first time in my life, I’ve thought of marriage. I never thought of marriage back then, it was just fun. I can only compare my current woman to Michelle Obama. And she often says she will make me president.

In 2015 I worked as a salesman with The Young Treps; a business management and consultancy firm in Kampala serving the entire East African Community. I was doing well in other areas, mostly social skills, but failing at sales; which was my reason for employment. The organization was paying me well but I felt I was cheating them, so I failed and quitted. But here I am in December 2017 back as an editor and a writer with the same organization on its social media pages.  Like and follow The Young Treps on all social media platforms and visit our website I look forward to making a permanent comeback as a business partner or stockholder one day since this is a fast growing company with a great future destined to serve the whole African continent in the next five or eight years.

But what is it that makes me thick? Here’s a few of them;

  • Total faith. I don’t know what failing means, because I never give up. I only rest and adjust my sails when the current point or direction of sails seem inappropriate and a wrong turn. I never give up, I will never ever.
  • Total belief in something super-natural. I believe in God, you can also believe in anything you want. I’ve seen people worshiping pictures. That’s what they believe in. It’s a human right and judgment belongs to the big man up.
  • True persons. To make those comebacks every time you fail, you need some true people. The ones who love you unconditionally. No matter what happens, they’ll still take a bullet for you.
  • The best is yet to come. I tell myself these words almost every day. It’s my personal slogan. Try it out, or form something positive like that for yourself. It can perform miracles.
  • Love life. It’s only with the eyes of love that you’ll see prosperity in every bad situation. I mean the kind of attitude of feeling great even when you’re thrown behind bars. There was a time I disrespected my family and I was put in jail for like 30 minutes. In those 30 minutes, I had won the heart of every prisoner there and they made me their leader. Sorry for them, I wasn’t going to spend an hour in that dark cell. It was just a small misunderstanding after all.

I have just two last words for you. IT’S POSSIBLE. Use it and you will change your life. Thank you for reading, and feel free to comment.




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