When we talk energy, we mean that drive that keep you going 24/7 365 days a year. May be not, once in while it’s good to get some rest. But a guy like me doesn’t rest. Even on public holidays and weekends I spend the better part of my days learning. That’s who I am. I am full of energy.

That may sound ugly but I’m the guy who wants to try everything. Learning gives me pleasure and some sense of special being. This doesn’t go to say I spend all my time in classes, seminars, laboratories, and network events. I have fun a lot as well. And I can learn something while having fun. For example, I love playing and spending time with kids, though I don’t have one yet. I have little cousins, nephews, and nieces.

The biggest source of my energy is that I am the guy who keeps his words and time. When I say I am going to do something. I get it done straight and on time. Actually in time, I finish all my assignments, tasks, projects, and business deals before deadline or schedule. This gives me a lot of energy couple with the praises from superiors I report to. I’ve become the guy every boss wants on the project. I think they are always certain that I will deliver in time with work properly done.

This has made me so respectful of my ongoing commitments. I have several skills but I don’t multitask unless I am on a job that requires a mixture of two or more hard skills on the go. Therefore I say NO to most new engagements even if they are of much value than the one I am currently committed to. I am not a lazy chap; I just respect my commitments and prefer to deliver first before taking the second step. You may call me slow, but I strongly believe in the one step at a time philosophy.

This has taught me a lot about time management. I ruthlessly keep my time well. My most valuable asset is my watch; this is in-terms of importance not price. I’ve gotten this habit of checking my watch every few minutes which most times seem inappropriate especially when I am meeting someone or having coffee or lunch with a prospect. I really don’t like it too, and I am day by day working on avoiding that. But my time really means a lot to me. I am the kind who will leave or walk out of any event or function as soon as my time is up. I really value my time. It’s my biggest asset and it’s what I use to get ahead of the competition.

And that make it obvious that I must plan very well. I’ve grown to become a very good planner. I plan a lot. I even have plans for what I will be doing in August next year 2018. My days at the great Ivory Tower where I studied statistics and planning may be having some impacts on this, but the funny thing is I never knew I was good at planning back then. I didn’t even love the statistical tools and planning applications that much. I was just a regular guy rolling through life day in day out with nothing much in mind. But I’ve taken planning very seriously and I plan almost everything, including when and how many times I go the washrooms.

This has built me to become good at preparations as well. After planning, I prepare extensively. I prepare for everything I am going to undertake whether I will succeed or fail. Of course I always go with a winning mind and attitude. And I always win; I never almost lost anything I try. This doesn’t go to say that I find difficulties in adjusting with abrupt changes. I am a very flexible guy, and I can adjust to literally anything whether good or bad. I’ve my own rough times that taught me to be very flexible. You could call me the street smart because I am not the textbook type. I do read books but I use my own instincts to make decisions and in judging situations.

In my drive to prepare for my undertakings, I’ve learned how to create my space. Its great being with a lot of friends and family around all the time, but that can also be of a disadvantage in going further. Taking time off to be alone and prepare taught me how to create space for the things that I want to achieve. Even my girlfriend understands that. I always create my private time to do my things, and I have gotten a nickname from my babe who calls me a computer freak. She thinks I love the computer, but no, I love my work and her too. And she comes first.

And this means I keep my boundaries very tight. It’s very hard getting into my life. My circle is tight, thought I am very welcoming and I laugh with everyone I meet, even those I am meeting for the first time. Keeping my boundaries tight means I get enough and more time to do my things. C’mon I am just 25 and I need to get some things done and in-order when I am still very energetic. I also want an older age of chilling at the beach and doing business remotely on my computer or smartphone. My mother’s hometown; Pakwach is also developing first and very soon we shall have modern beaches set up there. I will of-course own some or one of them, the best in town.

Being full of energy also means I fearlessly guide and protect my wealth. I am like the king lion in the jungle who protects his pride like that’s the only thing he’s got to survive. I protect jealously everything I have, including my girlfriend. I am not the guy who’s gonna let anyone peck my gal like she doesn’t matter to me. She matters to me a lot and I got to protect her jealously, and I mean this. Peck is a very common and normal greeting here in Rwanda, but no one is gonna do that to my gal, unless I am not around.

Merry Christmas





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