Is one of the most adventurous lives, a drunkard can do almost everything and there is no shame about it. He/she is free to do whatever feels right and life is pretty stress free, but of course only for a short while. Don’t ask me how I know. I’ve been one. The problem is you feck life, and sooner or later it catches up with you. There’s a saying that integrity is the most expensive virtue and the drunks are completely out of this league. The best we can say is that a drunkard is a cheap person.

You can only pretend for so long until your real self-screams for freedom. I am finally my true self again. For like a decade I was a drunk and literally lived life in the bottle. I woke up beside the bottle and slept beside the bottle. It was fun, yeah, but that wasn’t the real me. Sooner I started seeing the light and little by little like the way the Israelites conquered their enemies during the Exodus, I conquered booze. I am completely free now.

If you know anyone who needs to do the same, please share with him/her this message. But first you need to read on…

Alcohol is not generally bad, I mean there are people who work in bars and night clubs and those are their source of living. Plus there are people who have invested a lot of their hard earned money into wine, beer or liquor production, and they too need profitable returns on their investments. The problem is when the consumer takes in excess amount or above and beyond the traditional warning “please drink responsibly; excess consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health”.

I always read that warning during my old days, but I don’t remember abiding by it even once. And that was my problem. Beer was really sweet to me, just like honey and I would hardly stop taking more when I’m in a bar unless I didn’t have money to buy or I was already drunk and sleeping on the floor. The thing was whenever I got tipsy I would think I am on top of the world. It’s a wonderful feeling right? Who doesn’t like it? Even Christians fight for that. And I would drink even more, and the more I drank, I would always be on my way to blackout station. Blackout station is that place you normal rest after over enjoying yourself.

And this place always leads to miss of opportunities. If you have ever over drunk one night, you know how it feels waking up in the morning and you have a terrible hangover plus a meeting with the owner of that favorite start up you wants to work for, or let’s just say a formal interview. It can be real crushing. I missed several opportunities that way. There are others I never showed up for simply because I thought my eyes were too reddish to look at someone (a CEO or Founder for that matter) during a conversation and I would chicken out. That really cost me a lot. I’ve several of missed or left pending opportunities, especially in Uganda my motherland.

Another big problem with over consumption of alcohol is you are never sober in the morning yet mornings are a very productive part of the day. Personally I am at my best in the morning. Of course I got to know that now that I am sober. But truth is my mornings are the greatest part of my every productive day. May be because I was raised by business parents and our mornings were always for the most important part of the business, especially the financials like banking sales, collecting money from our debtors, clearing credit suppliers, among others. But trust me; mornings are really powerful and I am a morning person, plus I always start my mornings with a personal prayer and a mass/service. Wondering how? I am Catholic, and the Catholic churches always have morning masses every day.

My morning ritual really played a big role in my quitting booze, but also living in debts was another. I practically lived a borrowed life back then. You know my kind of drinking was that I would barely leave the bar when I was still strong. If my wallet had run empty, I would improvise my mobile money balances to cater for the booze and if that was not enough for the night I would definitely drink on credit. Most of my favorite bar owners were also my friends and I always paid back, but I hated living in debts. Paying debts was actually the most painful thing for me, though I would always settle my accounts. So I quit drinking alcohol and I am free. You can read my previous article 2017 Goal Achieved. (Liberated) for more on that.

And the worst of all the disadvantages of drinking in excess or being a drunkard is; you lose your self-esteem yet you need it to prosper. Here I mean you start doubting your own self and sooner everybody else joins you in the doubt including your family members. If you ever find yourself heading this route, please quit just like I did. From the ten or so years of drinking, yes I know drinking alcohol is addictive. But it is also doable. You can quit. Once you lose your self-esteem, it’s humanly over. You’ll now need God to bring you back. Remember it’s your self-esteem that will help you put up a fight. Personally, I putted up a fight even when nobody else believed in me simply because I still had my self-esteem. I never for a second thought about what others thought of me.

Let me conclude this with the benefits you get when you decide to be sober. Things that I am experiencing now;

  1. You become a much better family man.
  2. You love and appreciate your girlfriend/wife more.
  3. You respect other people.
  4. You easily practice the commandment of “love your neighbor as you love yourself”, since you now see things more clearly.

 Thanks for reading, catch you next time. Feel free to leave a comment.


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