My Love for Composition

Of late I’ve got a new way of spending free time or what they call leisure. I write, just like I’m doing now. For me writing is the perfect new hobby and the best replacement for former habit of always chilling at the local bar. Though, most big time world renowned writers are also good drunks. And there seems to be a high correlation between writing and drinking alcohol. But for me I only write for fun and I don’t drink alcohol. Kale, I used to do for like a decade but I quit.

Sober composition is really nice; it’s like building something magnificent from scratch. I think we writers get the same feelings like architects do when they come up with those nice structures which we later call houses, shopping malls, arcades, and so forth.  And it’s so soul warming for a guy like me who writes while speaking and thinking. Generally I write the same way I speak or think. It’s so natural and self-flowing. And it is my new way of enjoying happy hour.

I also think writing is closely related to creativity and innovativeness. Actually its creativity and innovativeness it’s self. And there is a lot of art and science involve in writing. Coming up with something from scratch involves a lot of thinking and mostly those who are creative and patient can do that because its time consuming and mind blowing. I’m also thinking when you over write the chances of you becoming a comedian are very high. I mean stand-up comedians like Patrick Salvador of Uganda.

The art of composition can also be a good stepping stone to greatness especially in the current world you and me lives in where information technology and information it’s self sells like hot cakes. Actually we are living in the information economy. Some famous authors have called the current economy; the idea economy, others; the knowledge economy and I’ll call it the information economy. To me, writing is now a necessity. Every day I must write. Just like eating.

Now this brings us to the importance of a notepad and a pen. For me, I write something down almost every five minutes. It could be something important immediately or just any stuff like some website on a signpost that I may visit or be of tremendous value in the near future. But trust me; this habit of noting things down has helped me a lot. I actually had a friend who one time called it stupid. But thank God we are no longer close. The last time I saw him or talked to him was about a year ago. No hard feelings here, but there are some people you need or will need to get out of your life if you are to make it to where you are heading.

Writing or noting things down is really important. Try it out. It will perform for you fantastic miracles over time. Remember I said over time. Not today or tomorrow, but over a period of time. Just keep doing it, and this means you will have to be carrying a notepad and a pen most of the time. I carry a pen and a piece of paper all the time. Even the closest thing to my bed is a pen and a piece of paper. Not toilet paper, a piece of paper or a notepad for writing down any ideas or insights that crops up.

Composition also presents a good opportunity to open up to others. Whether you are composing a song or writing a novel or an article you open yourself out to others. Which is a good thing, but it is even extra good for people like me who are naturally quiet and reserved. This doesn’t go to say that we are mean. Personally, I joke a lot. Of course mostly to people I’m used to and the ones I can trust. I can be silly sometimes. Actually my ex-girlfriend use to think I’m a joker. And she was right. Sometime I’m really a joker. You know; the cool guy, always at peace, never worried, and 24/7 preaching the life is good sala pulesa slogan.

And of course writing presents an opportunity for a better life ahead. There are job titles like social media manager, public relations manager, whatsapp group admin and others where writing skills plays a key and major role in landing them. Though I’m not sure about the whatsapp group admin thing, but I am coc sure about the social media management and PR job. And what about professional writing jobs like being an editor, writer, author, and journalist, to mention but a few.

I remember clearly sometime in January 2016, one popular motivational speaker in Uganda Mr. Ethan Mussolini, also the merchant of success posted on his Facebook page that he needed someone with a high speed writing skill to be writing down the things he says on his videos. He would give you the videos or DVDs free of charge, you watch them or be watching them and pen down the words he says.

Now that needs high writing speed. I went for it. I actually got the opportunity to show my worth, but I had a barrier. I didn’t have a working personal computer at the time. So I just watched the DVD he gave me and re-watch it over and over. I even have it now here in Rwanda with me and in perfect condition just as new as it was given to me. I might had let an already won opportunity slipped away from my hands back then because I could have borrowed computers from friends or my siblings, but trust me I implemented everything he said in the DVD and learnt to be a fighter. I mean always find a way out. Now days when I meet stumbling blocks or barriers on my way to fulfilling a chosen path, I always find a way out and it has opened for me doors to very many options. I have options in every aspect of my life. There are even free fully furnished bedrooms in the house where I live right now and sometimes I just sleep anywhere I want. I’m the boss after all.

Thanks for reading. You’re free to drop a comment.


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